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VA vs. Bloodlines

I wanted to do Vampire Academy tag after finishing the books but there’s actually not one. I created Bloodlines tag few years ago but I didn’t want to redo it. I remembered this TMI vs. TDI book tag in Clo’s blog and decided to just change the questions to Vampire Academy and Bloodlines related things.

This tag is about Vampire Academy and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. You might have seen me mention them a few times?

Favorite Heroine: Rose or Sydney?
Rose is very kick ass character but I have to go with Sydney.


Favorite Hero: Dimitri or Adrian?

Adrian hands down. I like evil! Dimitri but otherwise I find him pretty boring?

Most Annoying  Character?

Lissa. I didn’t like how Rose was around her and she just acted so selfishly through the whole series.

Favorite Romance: Sydney/ Adrian or Rose/ Dimitri

Apparently all my answers are going to be from Bloodlines since Sydney/ Adrian aka Sydrian is one of my favorite ships ever and I don’t really even ship Rose and Dimitri together.

Better Villain: Vampire Academy or Bloodlines?

I have to go with Vampire Academy with this one. Vampire Academy had Victor, Strigoi and even an assassin when Bloodlines had… Ok, Bloodlines had witches but otherwise Vampire Academy’s villains were way better. Bloodlines’ main villain was probably the Alchemists if I remember correctly.

Worse Parents: Sydney or Rose’s?

I actually liked Rose’s parents in the end, so Sydney had worse parents that Rose did. Sure there were some violence and Rose didn’t even know who her dad is but Sydney’s made her anorectic, not to even mention about “fixing” her.

Better First Book: Vampire Academy or Bloodlines?


Would you rather have a bond like Rose had with Lissa or sidekick like Hopper?

Would I rather go into someone’s head even if I didn’t want to or have an adorable demon dragon like Hopper? I’d definitely take Hopper and I don’t even like pets.

Better friendgroup?

I might not be big fan of Lissa’s but I have to say that I like Rose’s friendships more. Rose’s friends would really do anything for her and she even has sarcastic relief in Christian. I didn’t often see Sydney’s friends as her friends. They were more Adrian’s friends who Sydney just helped all the time.

Best character growth?

I have to go with either Sydney or Adrian. They both grew so much during the series. Sydney went from being scared about magic to a witch and thinking vampires as evil creatures to in love with one. Adrian on another hand actually wanted to change for Sydney and from using his dad’s money to going to college.

Vampire Academy: 4
Bloodlines: 7

I can’t say I’m shocked since I barely finished rereading Vampire Academy after a decade.

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