March 2020 Reading Journal Setup

March 2020 Reading Journal Setup

Welcome to a peek of my March Reading Journal setup. This month’s theme is just some greeness. I wanted to use the green glove tickers I got from a fellow blogger for Christmas.

Favorite Book & Quotes of February
Photo 1.3.2020, 18.04.49
I was a little worried how the favorite book of the month section would turn out since I don’t own a printer, so I couldn’t just print the cover and I’m not artistic enough to draw it. But I kinda like how it looks?
I think I’m going to keep doing both it and favorite quotes. I really enjoyed doing the quotes part and am actually thinking of returning to the way I used to do book journal in 2018; adding details of the book and drawing something related to the book and some of my favorite quotes.
Front Page & TBR
Photo 1.3.2020, 18.05.09
I don’t like how little I read in February, so I added five physical and five eBooks to my TBR this month. There was so much space left that I just added a green sticker I had.
Books Read -page
Photo 1.3.2020, 18.05.34

This is the page where I’ll be adding all the books I’ve read in March. I prefer how this looks to the one I had on February. The one in last month turned out to be too big.

Thoughts about these pages? What books do you have in your March TBR?

2 thoughts on “March 2020 Reading Journal Setup

  1. I love the quotes you picked!! Specially the one with the cigarettes, ahaha that was a nice one.

    Goodluck with that tbr! I hope you’d have a better reading month this time 🙂


    1. Thank you. I absolutely love Adrian Ivashkov quotes even if I don’t relate to all of them, like smoking. I already finished three of them and DNF’d one so I might be able to pull it off.

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