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February 2020 Wrap Up

wrap up 2020
Happy last day of February.

I feel like such a boring person since nothing happens in my life. The most noticeable thing this month was probably buying my niece’s birthday gift and finally finishing the last season of The Originals.

Book Haul
  • N/A
Movie Haul
  • Shameless Season 1
  • Shameless Season 2
  • Shameless Season 3
  • Shameless Season 4
  • Shameless Season 5
  • Shameless Season 6
  • Shameless Season 7
  • Fringe Season 1
  • Disney z.o.m.b.i.e.s


Book Wrap up
  • Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead ★★★
  • Barbarian’s Tease by Ruby Dixon ★★★
  • Where Winter Finds You by J.R Ward ★★★
  • Fuel the Fire by Krista & Becca Ritchie ★★★.5
  • Blood Promise by Richelle Mead ★★★
  • Taming the Virgin by Bella Moxie ★★★
  • Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare ★★★
Favorite Posts from Other People
  • Devon @ Read by Dev reviewed Chain of Gold. Her review just made more exited about this book and read more about James Herondale.
  • Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen wrote a discussion post “Why Do “Book Boyfriends” Upstage Heroines?”

Something you want to share about how your February went? Did you spend Valentine’s Day?

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