Best Friend Judges Books By Their Covers


Best Friend Judges Books By Their Covers

Happy Valentines day!

This post was inspired by Booktubers. I told my best friend about these videos I saw in Youtube where a book lover’s best friend or boyfriend judges their books by their covers and she suggested that we should do it, so here we are.

My best friend Jenny used to read a lot when she was a kid but these days she’s more into going to gym, so all she knows about these books is what she remembers me going on and on about and what she guesses from the covers.

Let’s see how Jenny does.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter MeJenny: Ok, Well this has some supernatural being and *laughs nervously*

Jamsu: The text in the up could help a little bit

Jenny: Her touch is lethal and it has a lot of power, so it’s someone… who has some superpowers and some romantic book, so there’s this sad romance story. They can’t touch each other and they’re very sad about it. But in the end there’s a happy ending

Jamsu: I can say that it has at least six books.

Jenny: In the end– at least in the sixth book there will be at least hopefully  a happy ending. Whatever that is. This has everything supernatural fighting and good and evil. There’s some cute romance story like– Well cute and cute. Sad one. They can’t be together even if they wanted to.

Jamsu: It’s a book about Juliette who can’t touch anyone without killing them. Then there’s a love triangle.

Jenny: Well it has some touching thing. I was pretty wrong.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

the bride testJenny: Aww. This probably nice one. Is this some where this woman takes some test and *laughs* like some date service? Or something like where you do a test and you’ll be matched with someone or something like she just does something and travels somewhere abroad to meet some dude. The there’s other candidates from that test. Kinda like Bachelor or whatever it is called.

Jamsu: Well she does go abroad. The hero’s mom meets the heroine abroad and decides that she wants the heroine to marry her son. It’s a marriage in convenience but in the end they fall in love.

Jenny: I once read fanfiction like that. They didn’t like each other but in the end fell in love.

Jamsu: The hero has autism and wanted her to just leave in the beginning.

Jenny: So cute that they fell for each other in the end! So I was very wrong… Except I knew that it was some love story.

The Princesses by Alexa Riley

The PrincessesJenny: Umm… This is probably…

Jamsu: It has at least four novellas.

Jenny: It’s about princesses and clearly about princesses. This probably has some romance and some might have some chicanery. It looks like it has different princess stories and love stories. Little different kind of stories. I don’t know I have never read books like these.

Jamsu: It has different princesses, princes and kings.

Jenny: Can they marry someone else, like some stable boy?

Jamsu: One of them married her bodyguard.

Jenny: Really? *swoons* That’s pretty cute.

Jamsu: One of them only saw one picture before deciding who they wanted to marry.

Jenny: Kinda sweet but also creepy *laughs* I can’t internalize it to a real world.

Cress by Marissa Meyer

cressJenny: This has Rapunzel.

Jamsu: It’s a retelling, yes.

Jenny. It’s a retelling of Rapunzel and some Grimm stories in a different way and this is mostly about this long haired woman. This has a lot of magic and danger. Then there’s evil wicked witch and then there’s perhaps a prince too. Maybe not prince but some love interest.

Jamsu: In this book it was one sided.

Jenny: One sided?!

Jamsu: Yes. Cress had seen some picture or video about him and fell for him. But he was really a thief and didn’t see her like that.

Jenny: Well, I’m sad. Really sad.

Jamsu: Some of them are aliens.

Jenny: Just cool. *turns book to back cover* ahh it’s a series.

Jamsu: They will fall for each other in later book.

Jenny: Awesome. Now I’m happy. This has Cinderella and Scarlet is probably Red Riding Hood. Cress is Rapunzel and Winter is Snow White. Fairest is Maleficent– no not Maleficent she’s the evil…

Jamsu: Evil Queen. I didn’t read Fairest since nothing could redeem her in my eyes.

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead


Jenny: This has vampires and… vampires.

Jamsu: Can’t you remember anything?

Jenny: *laughs* I remember you talking about this a lot. This has Adrian and Ivan–Ivanis.. I can’t remember.

Jamsu: Ivashkov.

Jenny: Yes I couldn’t spell it. I just remember him and that he’s your favorite. But otherwise that this has vampires and this has– what else did this have? I remember this having a LOT of everything. I remember you telling about it a lot. But now I can’t remember anything besides it having vampires and Adrian– isn’t he the main thing?

Jamsu: Can you think of something else? *laughs while Jenny focuses on the book cover like the information will magically come to her brain*

Jenny: Why do I remember someone called Freya but it has nothing to do with this? I can’t remember now.

Jamsu: It has different kind of vampires. there’s Moroi–

Jenny: Oh right.

Jamsu: Then there’s Dhampir who are Moroi’s bodyguards. Then there’s Sydney who’s an alchemist.

Jenny: So it was Sydney.

Jamsu: *explains about Sydrian and makes Jenny swoon* Then they’re all trying to keep Jill safe.

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

wayward sonJenny: This has those…

Jamsu: Those what?

Jenny: Those cute gays and they go driving with a car. I can’t remember their names even though I’ve read Fangirl.

Jamsu: Simon and Baz.

Jenny: Yes. They go to lovely trip somewhere far away and other one is apparently a dragon now. Other one has those fancy clothes on. Will these book spell “Carry On My Wayward Son?”

Jamsu: No (but it was pretty much what I thought before the third book’s name was released)

Jenny: I haven’t read Carry On or this one but I thought this one has those gay characters. Those cute gays what those fanfictions were about. They’re driving with that nice car and they’re happy. Even if they aren’t, they are in my head.

Jamsu: It’s full of angst.

Jenny: It is? This cover looks so positive. The book tricked me.

The Dreadful Tale of prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken

prosperJenny: I have no idea but this probably has some cute animals, or at least animal characters. Maybe the people change into animals or there’s talking animals. *laughs* But then I think why would Jamsu read a book with talking animals when it’s not a kind of book I think Jamsu would read. But this has– I have no idea what this animal reflects.

Jamsu: It has really nothing to do with the book.

Jenny: *laughs* so it doesn’t have any talking animals, at all? Well… do they at least change into animals? Then this probably has some witch things.

Jamsu: It has a witch.

Jenny: It has something to do with stories. It says “Tale”. It’s a creepy story. It has group of people, different people and different mystical beings. It has something to do with magic either way. I have no idea. You can tell me.

Jamsu: Once upon a time Prosper Redding gran-grand-grand-some father made a deal with a demon but broke the said deal. Prosper got to share his body with the demon and that demon can change into a fox.

Jenny: So the demon is the animal.

Jamsu: It’s about Prosper handeling with the demon in his head and then there’s a witch who has a batcat as her familiar.

Jenny: A batcat! *looks at the back cover* That’s the cutest thing ever. I want one for myself, too. I’d name it Purrfect Paddington. It would only like cupcakes.

Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

the sword of summerJenny: This is those Percy Jackson books that aren’t about Percy Jackson. This book is about Nico and that cute boy. It doesn’t? Well then not. Too bad. Anyways this is about… No. No! Is this those Rome things?

Jamsu: No.

Jenny: Celt?

Jamsu: No.

Jenny: So this is still about those Olympus things? It’s not? They are some other Gods?

Jamsu: Yep.

Jenny: Viking Gods?

Jamsu: Yes!

Jenny: But isn’t Viking a Celt?

Jamsu: How should I know?

Jenny: *laughs* Either way. This is about Viking gods. That’s all I know. But this has some Sword of Summer which has some leon and fire power. All kinds of power. This dude who I have no idea who he is has it.

Jamsu: *points Magnus Chase’s name*

Jenny: Oh Magnus. His name is Magnus. Chase. He has some fire power. Fire Sword powers. His sword is his power and… is he also some half god? I wonder what gods this one has.

Jamsu: I don’t remember the names. They’re viking gods.

Jenny: I have no idea but there’s some Loki and some like that.

Jamsu: Yes, Loki is the bad guy.

Jenny: Loki is usually the bad guy.

Jamsu: It’s a story about Magnus Chase who is cousins with Annabeth Chase.

Jenny: Annabeth? How can all these relate to each other?

Jamsu: They’re cousins from their human sides.

Jenny: How do all their relatives fuck with gods? Like really. Seriously?

Jamsu: Magnus gets that sword who is called Jack and it can talk.

Jenny: So the sword can talk.

Jenny: This basically sound like Percy Jackson. I mean there was Hades’ children who met Percy. Then there was Annabeth and some love.

21 thoughts on “Best Friend Judges Books By Their Covers

  1. “How do all their relatives fuck with gods? Like really. Seriously?”

    😂😂😂 i like jenny.
    i think this is really cute and jenny didn’t do so bad. maybe i should do this with my best friend too.

    great post! 💗


    1. You should it was very fun! We videotaped it and then I just translated everything she said to English. It was a little painful to write but I loved seeing her trying to explain all these books.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s too bad! I chose to go with mostly YA books since I think they’re more popular. This post got much more traffic than I thought I would so I might do part two some day.


    1. It was. I love including my best friend on some of my posts. Might do something with my sister some day. She NEVER reads books so she’d be even more clueless 😂


  2. Jenny: This is those Percy Jackson books that aren’t about Percy Jackson. – basically how everyone who hasn’t read them thinks of Rick Riordan’s other books ahahaha.

    This was so fun to read Jamsu! Jenny did such a great job! I think I’m going to need to do this with my mum, I can’t wait to see how she does!


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