February 2020 Reading Journal Setup

February 2020 reading Journal Setup

I wasn’t happy with my January spreads for this journal and I started them way too late but I’m here with February ones! Like in my Bullet Journal these spreads are romance themed.

Front Page & TBR
Photo 23.1.2020, 17.44.23
I draw anything for front page this time since I had this big heart sticker laying around. It doesn’t really fit my red theme but I love the gold, black and white coloring. The page looked a little empty from the left, so I just added a flower in front of “February”.
My February TBR is mostly about books from Ice Planet Barbarians series, 2019 releases and few eBooks.
Work & Blogging Schedule
Photo 23.1.2020, 17.34.49

This is the page where I’ll be adding all the books I’ve read in February. I made the month into a little bigger than I was supposed to but then I found that Winnie the Pooh sticker and I don’t really mind.

Favorite Book & Quotes of the Month


Photo 23.1.2020, 17.42.43

I have never tried these pages before but I saw someone doing them in Youtube and wanted to give them a try. I’ll be adding my favorite book here after the month. Probably writing the title in the “instax picture” and adding some of my favorite quotes during the month to other page.

What does your reading journal look like?

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