February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

I made a lot of mistakes in this month’s spreads but I was still happy enough with them to show you guys. February’s theme is romance since I love romance books and hey it’s valentine’s day this month.

Bonus points if you recognize which book series these quotes are from.

Front Page & Quote
Photo 18.1.2020, 13.39.43
I got more new pens and these doesn’t bleed as much! Also I love how light they are. Except the dark red is from the pens I used last month. Only down side with these pens are that I can still see my pencil marks and can’t erase them.
Instead of drawing hearts I decided to use some stickers I’ve own forever. I was going to add another heart sticker to the page in the  right with quote but apparently I had a sticker with a flame in it and it was like fate, so I had to add it in.
Work & Blogging Schedule
Photo 18.1.2020, 12.16.13

I bought some stamps and of course I didn’t know how to use them properly and then I forgot the letter “H” from the word Schedule. I still like how this page turned out. Unfortunately I already added the stickers before I remembered that I forgot to add the days.

Finance Tracker
Photo 18.1.2020, 12.36.30

Here’s the other quote! This one might be more familiar to those who have read the books. I almost succeeded with these pages. I love how these pens look when I add some black shadowing. In the beginning I started doing it only because I wanted letter “E” to show in “Spending” but I think I’ll do it more often now.

Do you recognize what book series these quotes are from? What is your February theme?

3 thoughts on “February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. I followed the same theme too! Ahaha I wanted to go further by have a « romance month » on the blog but erhm… it flopped already xD
    While I have no idea which books there are from, I love the first quote you picked 🥰


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