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Book Review: Barbarian’s Lady by Ruby Dixon


Barbarian’s Lady by Ruby Dixon 
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians, #13
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance | ParanormalErotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 215 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on March 15th 2017 by Independently published (first published March 5th 2017)
Ruby Dixon: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

You’d think a tall woman would fit in on a planet of seven-foot-tall aliens, but even on the ice planet, I’m still a weirdo and an oddity. I’m everything all the other cute, dainty human women aren’t.

One guy in particular – the alien Harrec – is determined to embarrass me by pretending he’s interested. He’s a jokester that flirts like mad and hits on me constantly just to make me feel foolish. He gets under my skin. He makes me so frustrated I want to scream.

When a side-trip to a glacier turns into a nightmare and the two of us are forced to survive alone, I see another side to the enticing blue alien. Even with no one else around, his compliments keep coming and I start wondering if the attraction between us… is real.

Barbarian’s Lady is the next installment in my favorite alien series. I wish I could say that I’ve been enjoying these last few books as much as the first one (which I gave five stars if I remember correctly) but they’re still very much enjoyable.

“Make no mistake, though. When I say things to you, it is because they are truth. They might be said with a smile, but they are never lies. I would never do such to you.”

This one is about Kate who is one of the slaves that were brought to Non-Hoth when Bek asked human to be brought to the hunters. There she meets big blue aliens, including Harrec who she found cute. But then he opens his mouth and jokes about her being “mountain of a human”. This made Kate not trust his flirting.

I just felt like this one lacked something I got with earlier books. I guess I just expected there to be more with their romance. It was nice to see Kate taking care of Harrec but I hoped there to be some romantic scene when he explained that he really did fancy her. It has been awhile since there’s been romance between couple in this series that didn’t resonance before falling in love, so that was also very nice.


3 stars

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