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Book Review: Barbarian’s Redemption by Ruby Dixon


Barbarian’s Redemption by Ruby Dixon 
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians, #12
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance | ParanormalErotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 236 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on February 8th 2017 by Independently published (first published February 6th 2017)
Ruby Dixon: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

For seasons, I have waited for her – my perfect mate.

In a tribe full of happy couples, I am alone. But I am not content to remain this way. There are no eligible unmated females left, so I will do whatever it takes to bring females back to our tribe…even if it means doing something wrong. Even if it means I must purchase my mate on the intergalactic black market. I will do anything to possess her, to claim her as my own.

But will my ruthless move turn my female against me before we ever meet? Can she ever forgive a male that bought her freedom?

I’m on a roll with these books. This one is already 12th book of the series and I’m still not getting bored, no matter if I like some books more than others.

“Let me carry you. I am strong. I will never drop you, Ell-ee. Never.”

People usually hate Not-Hoth and who can blame them with all that coldness and snow, so it was interesting to see how at the same time Elly hated being there because she didn’t have a choice, she also loved being outside and being able to see the stars.

Bek isn’t a patient hunter and he certainly wasn’t patient with Claire, so I loved to see how he let Elly decide the pace. He liked that she was a fighter instead of crying since the moment they met. He can’t stand whining. She’s brave, determined and clever.

I want Vaza and Gail to be together but it also annoyed me how Gail kept him at arm’s length. but also wasnt keeping him away.

“Bek, I never had a home before I got here. I was never safe. You are my home. You are my safe. I’m with you forever.”

I’m glad Bek got his redemption even if otherwise I was mostly disappointed with this book. It might be wrong because of what Bek did but I was disappointed how people treated him while he was trying to do the right thing in his mind. Who knows what would’ve happened to humans if he hadn’t. Also I did’t like heroine as much I wish I had.


3 stars

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