January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

I don’t love these January spreads since my new pens were a lot darker than intended but I did spend a lot of time doing them and I just love the planet stickers.

Front Page & Sleep Log
Photo 20-12-2019, 20.31.53.jpg
Isn’t these stickers awesome? I at least think so. Sadly these new pens bleed through. I have never made sleep tracker before, so I wanted to try one.
Work & Blogging Schedule
Photo 20-12-2019, 20.32.06

I’ve noticed that these squares have enough place for both– so I’ve been adding both and I’m liking that I don’t need to make two different schedules.

Finance Tracker
Photo 3.1.2020, 22.18.39

I don’t know why but making my finance trackers are maybe my favorite ones to make. This includes all the bill I’ve paid, income I’ve gotten and all the things I’ve spend my money on.

What theme did you have in your January spreads?

4 thoughts on “January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Aaaah I love these spreads Jamsu! So pretty and funnily enough I love making my budget/expenses spreads. My Jan theme was the wolf moon and the themes colour was purple and I’m busy sorting out Febs spreads and having a total crisis over things xD Hope the sleep log works for you!

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  2. I LOVE THE SPREADS!! Yay for making a sleep log! Hopefully you’ll have fun filling it in. Oof for having darker pens than what you wanted. Also yay for making both the world and blogging schedules together! that’s so cool! I um…didn’t think to do it that way *whacks self* BUT I shall copy your idea for February *nervous laughter*


    1. THANK YOU. I kinda already failed with my sleeping log but i might try again in some other month. Copy away! It’s easier for me than doing two different ones.


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