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Book Review: Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner


Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner 
Series: Cyborg Seduction, #9
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance | Paranormal | Erotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 166 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on August 23rd 2016 by Laurann Dohner
Laurann Dohner: Website | Twitter| Goodreads

After barely surviving a horrific accident, then being held captive for years by Earth Government, Venice must escape the planet. She thinks she’s found the answer to her prayers when she contracts to be a deep-space bride-only to find herself facing an even bigger nightmare. Hiding from her con man “husband” aboard his space station, she comes across an intimidating cyborg…one who could just be her last hope. Deviant is humiliated when his father suggests he visit a pleasure center to make use of a sex bot. True, the defects he was born with have assured female cyborgs will never consider adding him to a family unit. But he still has his pride. The woman who enters the room, however, is incredibly lifelike, and she quickly has Deviant feeling things he’d never dreamed-right until the moment he finds out she’s human. Sort of… Venice needs Deviant’s help to get off the space station. Deviant is lonely, and in need of someone to teach him how to pleasure a female. They strike a bargain, one that has Venice giving up her freedom. But soon it’s her heart that’s at greater risk. It’s easy loving Deviant…even when others are determined to make it difficult.

I might have talked about my love for alien romance before. I started this series years ago when I fell for Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series. This one is the only physical copy I own, so I decided that I wanted to reread this one in 2020 after seeing fellow blogger reviewing one of Laurann Dohner’s book.

“Sometimes it’s better yo be alone than with someone unworthy. I hope that’s a lesson you never learn.”

I didn’t remember much about this world to be honest but thankfully I didn’t feel the need to reread the first books before finishing this one, even if now I want to reread them all since I enjoyed this one so much. There’s a lot of males but shortage of females, so females have family unit with 4-7 males and from what I understand the males have to do everything they say and they can’t do anything against females even if they’re abusive. Males can’t even protest if female decides to give their children to other males in their unit to raise.

Loving Deviant is a story about Venice trying to escape the planet and her so called husband. She happens to hear Deviant talking to his father while they’re visiting a pleasure center and decides to make a deal with him.

Deviant is thirty-five years old cyborg. Female cyborgs have never considered him for breeding pr joining a family unit because of his “flaws”. I found those flaws ridiculous. You’d think cyborgs would be nicer to their own people after what humans made them go through. They never saw how funny and sweet, intelligent and loving he is, like Venice did.

“There’s nothing wrong with Deviant. I won’t agree to help you if you so much as <i>think</i> about messing with any part of his body!”

Venice was born in Earth but she’s not considered human by Earth Government anymore. She’s not cyborg but she’s had more repairs done to her done the law allows. Venice is on the run from the government and even suspects that they had something to do with her accident. Deviant sees Venice as different from any other females; selfless.

I loved the romance in this book. It was like marriage in convenience just with marriage part. They ust wanted to help each other and in the end they saved each other. Deviant saved her from the fate worse than death and she saved him from loneliness. They’re also very protective of each other. Venice won’t let anyone say anything bad about him and he doesn’t like his people taking samples of her, even if she heals fast.


5 stars

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