Challenges and My year in Books

Challenges and My year in Books

Happy new year! It’s a new year, so here’s a new kind of banner for the year. Before starting new reviews in this blog I wanted to take a look back to my 2019 in books and the challenges I took a part in.

Goodreads Challenge

I managed to read 151 books out of my 150 book goal. I think 1% more than I was supposed to read is pretty good, especially considering that I tried not to read much in December and instead safe books for 2020 challenges.

2019 pages

I’m not surprised Kingdom of Ash was the longest book. It took me like a week or two to finish it because let’s be honest I was bored out of my mind at times while reading it.

My average rating was 3.3 stars. I was afraid that it would be lower since there were quite a few eBooks that disappointed me. 2019 rating

It makes me happy that Clockwork Angel is the most popular book from the all the books I read. After all these years The Infernal Devices is still one of my favorite series ever. There can never be enough Herondales in my life.

Bingo 2019

Remember when I made that post about my 2019 bingo? It took forever but I actually did it! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do this this year but without TBR. Maybe that way I can finish it earlier since I’m a mood reader.

Photo 29.12.2019, 20.38.16

Romanceopoly 2019
Maroon NeighborhoodBurn by Suzanne Wright
Orange NeighborhoodBad Billionaire by Julie Kriss
Red NeighborhoodBlaze by Suzanne Wright
Yellow Neighborhood– Payback by Kristin Harte and Ellis Leigh
Green NeighborhoodKingdom Of Ash by Sarah J. Maas 
Library – Not You It’s Me by Julie Johnson
I did it! And I actually managed to review all books but two. The goal was to go with level “the tourist”, so I only needed to do one challenge in each neighborhood. I also needed to complete the Library squares. Total books I needed to finish for this challenge was eleven.
2019 Bookish Stats

I could be lazy at times to keep track on this amazing spreadsheet made by Kal @ Reader Voracious but it’s amazing feeling to see all the stats at the end of the year. I’m definitely doing her new spreadsheet for 2020.

books vs month 2019

With the first thing there’s amount of books versus month. It’s nice to see how it changes and which month I managed to read most and which month least books.

faves 2019

This might’e been my favorite thing in this tracker. It was nice to try to pick only one (1) book at the end of each month. I tried my best to only choose new books instead of re-reads and I managed in that with every month except in April. I mean I LOVE Infernal Devices and other books just didn’t even get close.

2019 release

I rarely borrow any books from the library and as you can see from this tracker I only borrowed two books and I think only one of them was from the library and other from my mom’s personal library. I love re-reading books, so guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I managed to re-read 39 books!

2019 genre and rating

I still have difficulty with genres to be honest. Some books are both fantasy and paranormal or contemporary and romance, for example and I have to pick which collum to add them to. And I mostly just read those genres with few Science Fiction books (sexy aliens anyone?)

I don’t really rate any books only one star these days because if I hate a book I’ll rather DNF them than suffer and only give them one star. There are some books I think will get better but they won’t or the ending ruins them for me, so I end up giving them two or even 1.5 stars.

How did your challenges went in 2019?

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