My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.png

My current bujo ended after December, so I started my 2020 setup somewhere in the middle of December and I wanted to show you guys some of the spreads I’ve made so far.

Photo 23-12-2019, 20.17.58

I found this pretty pink bujo from the local bookstore. It’s a little more expensive than the notebooks I usually buy but it was so pretty and had page numbers in it unlike in the notebooks I usually buy.
I haven’t exactly made my key yet but I did start my index which is very simple. I ended up really enjoying it. I just added a little blue flower in the right to make it even better.
Photo 20-12-2019, 20.22.14
Year at a Glance
Photo 20-12-2019, 20.22.49
I decided to make my year at glance spreads purple since it’s one of my favorite colors. I added a bunny sticker since I decided to write down all the holidays I could think of, including Easter even if they’re not all in order. And since the spreads are in purple I also added some random purple stickers.
Birthdays and Movies To See

Photo 20-12-2019, 20.23.03

I always like to change how my birthday spread looks like and I saw someone doing this circle thingy in Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I love how colorful it ended up! I tried to add all the family members and friends I could think of but if I forgot your– just comment it below. In case someone got confused by the whole Mamma and Pappa thingy in there… they’re just my grandparents from my mom’s side. That’s what I call them in Finnish.

Instead of doing “Movies I’ve Watched” I decided to do “Movies To See”. There’s only one movie so far but I have couple other movies in my mind besides After already. I already hauled After but I want to try (and really try to handle all the drama) to re-read it first.

Photo 20-12-2019, 20.23.16
I wanted a whole page to all the new ships and characters I’m sure I’ll find in 2020.
Goals/ Resolutions For 2020 and When Did I Last…

Photo 20-12-2019, 20.31.39

My Goals and Resolutions For 2020 is pretty sad at the moment. Only two things I have there are bookish. Hopefully I can put more than two things there.

Then there’s my When Did I Last- page. It’s just to keep track on when was the last time I did what.

Have you started your 2020 spreads? Do you have any Goals and Resolutions for 2020? Any spread you think I should add? Would you like to see my bookish journal set up?

15 thoughts on “My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Omg your spreads are so pretty !!
    I quite love the idea of the “when did I last…” one – I usually put stuff like that in my weeklies as I use that more like a journal xD but then it kind of get losts in there, stuff like change toothbrush/bedding isn’t really tracked and stuff


  2. *sniffles* my birthdays been forgotten I think on your bday spread, but look at all these pretty spreads *swoons* I love the purple theme and I really like the “when did I last” spread, I feel like I should do one of those haha. YASSSS I’d love to see your other journal *presses nose to screen*


    1. I HAVE?? I need to add it ASAP then. I wish I had few more things in my ‘when did I last’ spread but I don’t really know what else to track. I might show my bookish journal next month then (:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehe its ok and oooo I’d also add changing the bed sheets and maybe a general tidy up? Yayyyy can’t wait to see it next month ❤


      2. I have to since I live alone. If I didn’t– no one would 😀 I should do it more often though. Since I haven’t tracked it down.. I only changed my bedding once a month while living alone.

        Liked by 1 person

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