Best Fantasy / PNR of 2019

Best Fantasy PNR of 2019

I have been too lazy to write any discussion posts but I decided to take part to another prompt from Sophie @ Beware The Reader‘s Best of 2019– series for Blogmas.

I decided not to only choose from books published in 2019 because I could probably count those books with one hand.

Dark In You by Suzanne Wright


I asked some book recs (like I do sometimes because there’s just not enough good ones) after rereading The Dark Elements with Demi. I decided to join Romanceopoly in the late December/ early January and fellow blogger suggested this series and I’m so glad I gave it a chance.

The first four books (and the only ones I’ve read since I’m not interested in reading Devon and Tanner’s book) are about Knox and Harper. These two demons are kickass separately but they’re unstoppable together. The romance is slow burn at first because Harper is trying her best to resist Knox.

It’s amazing how drama free all these books are between the couple. That is if you don’t count all the people against them or just being jealous of the fact that Knox wants to be with Harper. I loved that because there were so many people being– let’s say assholes, so you never knew who were ‘the big’ bad.

I loved this series so much that I think I’m going to read it again in the beginning of 2020.

What were your favorite Fantasy/PNR book(s) from 2019?

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