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Book Review: The Princesses by Alexa Riley


The Princesses by Alexa Riley 
Series: The Princess, #1-4
Genre: Erotica | Romance | Novella
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 308 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on June 25th 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Alexa Riley: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Might contain spoilers.

It’s crowns galore as we give you all the brooding kings your heart can hold. Climb on your throne and adjust your tiara… we’ve got cherries to pop and heirs to make.

Also included a brand new book: Unexpected Princess

The Princesses includes five stories about five different princesses and alpha males who are possessive about them. I’m always searching physical copies of Alexa Riley books and search for them from time to time and just happened to see this on Adlibris and I’m so happy I noticed it.

“You don’t give her orders. She will be Queen in one week’s time. She doesn’t take orders.”

The first story “His Princess” is about Princess Alena. She has never felt like she belongs to her family because while they have dark hair, she has blonde. Now her parents have promised her to King Roman. He had only seen one picture of her and knew right a way that she’d become his queen.

“I’d make sure nothing ever fucked with that bubble you’re in as long as you let me in with you.”

“Stolen Princess” is a story about Princess Giselle and King Karim. Giselle has older siblings but they’re so much older that she never learned to share. Giselle grew up with her father who isn’t social, so Giselle has like zero idea what’s going on in outside world. Giselle went with his father to Karim’s party. He was being pressured to marry but he didn’t feel anything towards any woman until the instant he saw her.

“Because Heavenly is the sweetest, most precious thing in the world to this family, and if she’s upset, it’s because you did something to her.”

“Claimed Princess” is a story about Princess Heavenly (Karim’s sister) and King Carlos. They have been in love with each other forever but she doesn’t think he sees her as nothing more than as a friend or even as a sister who needs to be protected and Carlos is waiting her to be of age. Carlos is all about loyalty and Heavenly is a little brash and blurts out things out in moments she shouldn’t.

“But who’s been protecting you? From now on, your answer to that question is my name. Say it, Tabitha.”

“Forbidden Princess” is a story about Princess Tabitha (Alena’s sister) and Vlad (Roman’s bodyguard). Tabitha has taken care of her sister her whole life and she would do anything she wanted her to do; they are a team. I don’t understand their mother; she just wants her kids to marry for power and money instead of love. She also would’ve preffered if Tabitha married Karim instead of Alena. I still don’t undesrtand why– because she’s older? Vlad is easy-going and smiles a lot. He also has a dominant personality.

“What if the stories are true? He could rip my heart apart.”

The extra story “Unexpected Princess” is about Princess Star and Prince Romy (Carlos’ brother). Star has had crush on Romy for what feels like forever but everyone knows about his reputation, so she always tried to keep her distance. The book starts when Star wakes up beside Romy after Carlos and heavenly’s wedding with a ring on her finger and almost naked in his bed. Star of course freaks out, knowing that divorce isn’t allowed since she’s a princess. Romy never felt good enough for her and always tried to hide his desire for her by giving her a hard time and teasing her.

I loved all these stories about the princesses find love but how are there so many royal families close by? I definitely recommend these if you like female characters (and one male) that happen to wait for true love before having sex or if you enjoy possessive alpha males who will stop at nothing before getting the woman they know are theirs.

4.5 stars

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Princesses by Alexa Riley

  1. When you mentioned how weird it is that there are so many royal families nearby, I smiled. I guess that’s the part where you have to suspend your belief a little bit! I love a good royalty story 🙂


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