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Gone Too Soon

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Today’s prompt is Gone Too Soon by Alana @ Dream Come Review. This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read/ watched the books/ shows mentioned don’t please don’t read spoilers about them unless you want to. This prompt reminded me of the prompt Soph did last year but this time I’m going a little more detail why I picked certain characters. You can read my last year’s post here.


Take a trip to the cemetery to mourn characters that are gone from their world too soon. Could be a character death, could be a character riding off into the sunset never to be seen again. Spoiler tags are a must! Don’t ruin it for your bookish pals -_- .

The Originals

I might have started Legacies and even liked it but I’ll never forgive the writers for killing Klaus Mikaelson just because the actor didn’t want to be apart of Legacies. I have loved and lost many characters but I haven’t loved them for almost a decade like I did with Klaus.

Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare

I’m sure Shadowhunter Chronicles have many characters we’d all want to bring back back but George Lovelace is one of my favorite characters in this universe that was taken too early. I love Herondales to peaces but they got to live– George on other hand didn’t even get to ascend as Shadowhunter before dying and him (besides Simon) if anyone deserved to become badass Shadowhunter.

The Magicians

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to watch season five. It’s not just because I shipped Queliot that Quentin Coldwater’s death hurt so much. Writers did him the dirty just because there was nothing they could do with him? How is Josh (one of the most useless characters in the show) alive then? It hurt even more that they made it, so a depressed lgbt+ character wasn’t sure if he died saving his friends or finally found a way to kill himself.


I might prefer Buffy over Angel but the friendships in Angel are everything to me. The last season is one of my favorites even with it’s troubles. How could it not when it has Spike? But it also had many characters deaths and I’m most sad about the death of Wesley Wyndam-Price and Winifred Burkle. They were finally together and happier than they’tr probably ever been when Fred is possessed by Illyria and then Wesley is killed while taking apart of Angel’s war against the partners.


I’m only in season twelve and there’s still many characters I’d like to bring back but I’d mostly want to bring back Henry Winchester. We didn’t get to see him much but he time traveled in the future, escaping a demon just to find out that his son grew up thinking that he left him.

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

I could deal with this book having like zero magic but that ending? What was the point if Ernshaw killed Hazel? I just want to bring her back, so she can make up with her love interest. Maybe a sequel with actual magic in it?

Which characters would you bring back?

One thought on “Gone Too Soon

  1. This was fun to read! I am right with you about Henry W! It would have been nice to have him in the story for longer. Curse those writers that play with our feelings!

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