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Is Legacies as Bad as I Thought It Would Be?


I always said that I’d never start this show because it’s the reason why The Originals ended the way it did and the monsters looked so lame but after seeing some pictures from Season 2 I decided to give it a chance. This post might contain minor spoilers for 2×02.

What is Legacies?

Legacies is part of the Vampire Diaries universe. It’s about Hope Mikaelson (Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter) and the students at the Magical school Caroline Forbes and Alaric Saltzman founded.


I have never liked any main female characters in TVD universe and I thought I’d hate Hope because of her actions in The Originals– but weirdly enough I like her more than Elena or Hayley. She keeps secrets but she”s not a hypocrite as much as Elena and Hayley were in my eyes. I just don’t get why she got so mad at Landon but forgave Roman from all people?

I knew even before starting the show that Lizzie would be my favorite. She’s selfish yes but she’s also trying to work on it a little bit. Lizzie’s mom is always traveling through Europe and she can’t help but feel like her own father loves Hope more than her or her sister, Josie. It didn’t help that Hope had made her feel like she doesn’t matter for years. Caroline was crazy good organizer in TVD but she has nothing on Lizzie given Lizzie’s research about Miss Mystic Falls.

Josie doesn’t really have a mind of her own until end of season one. She’s always taking care of people, especially Lizzie and Alaric. But eating sushi when she’s allergic for sea weed went a little over board to me. I think it was really messed up how she was scared that Alaric would stop loving them if they didn’t loose that stupid game against normal school. The show focuses a lot on how Lizzie is the horrible sister but how about Josie’s actions? Josie just needs to stop going behind her sister’s back and talk about her feelings with her sister. Like Lizzie said in one episode: she’s not a mind reader.

It was interesting to see what happened with Landon. I felt really bad for him since he had always wanted to belong somewhere and to have a family but his life completely changes when his foster brother becomes a werewolf and Landon’s stealing things without knowing why.

Vardemus is probably evil but I love that he’s in the show. I always love to see Wesley from Angel in my screen whatever he was evil or not.


I loved seeing the friendship between Hope and Saltzman twins grow. Lizzie hated Hope and was jealous of her but I got that. Alaric wanted the girls just to get along but Lizzie had tried being friends with Hope many times but she didn’t think her actions should be forgiven just because Hope had lost a lot of people– they all had lost someone. Lizzie and Hope had years of rivalry and it’s revealed around 1×10 why that happened.

Kaleb isn’t the best of people in the show but I love how he’s there for MG. He’s trying to teach him about being a vampire and consider MG as part of his family now.


I don’t love Hope but I enjoyed her relationship with Landon. There were trust issues but they were also sweet together. Hope would do anything to keep him safe and Landon would be ready to change her mind if she ever decided that she didn’t want to date him after all.

I’ve only seen one episode with Lizzie and Sebastian (the reason why I decided to start the show in the first place) and I’m already shipping them together. Their chemistry were amazing and I don’t compare them to Klaroline just because Lizzie is a little like Caroline and Sebastian is apparently an old European vampire. People even compare him to Damon because the way he looks but I disagree since if he was like Damon he’d have attacked Lizzie already.

I didn’t really get why people loved Josie and Penelope together so much? Penelope was always trying to help her and hated Lizzie but I didn’t find them so great? I didn’t find their romance that great and they didn’t have many romantic scenes. Penelope was just trying to get Josie to put herself first for once.

I like MG but I don’t see anything happening between him and Lizzie. He has always seen her as she is but I think she’s never going to see him as nothing more than a friend.


I wouldn’t call it one of my favorite shows but it was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. There weren’t as many dislikeable characters as TVD and TO had but some of those monsters were pretty stupid. I think I’m going to continue watching the show.

Legacies might have more characters I like but I still like the plot in TVD and TO more. I could see many scenes that reminded me of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, like they were trying to recycle some scenes so I get why so many people get mad.

Have you watched Legacies? Who are your favorite characters and ships?

4 thoughts on “Is Legacies as Bad as I Thought It Would Be?

    1. I stopped watching TVD after s7 and TO after s3 but I do know what happens because of twitter. I might finish TO someday for the Mikaelsons but s7 of TVD was painful enough to watch. Maybe some day just to see Kai and how Lizzie was as a kid?

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  1. Interesting, I still need to finish watching The Originals but I really don’t wanna cause erm…I don’t want it to be real *wails* But I’m glad you liked it more than you thought you would!


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