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Book Review: Barbarian’s Taming by Ruby Dixon


Barbarian’s Taming by Ruby Dixon 
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians, #8
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance | ParanormalErotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 252 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on September 3rd 2016 by Createspace
Ruby Dixon: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

As a newcomer to the alien tribe, I’ve struggled to find my place. It might be because I’m a tad headstrong at times. And yes, I might have thrown a few things at people’s heads. But I had a good reason to pitch a fit – my shy sister was stolen away right under my nose. Of course, now she’s back and mated. Everyone’s happy…except me. I need…affection. Attention. Okay, I’m lonely. Really lonely. Strangely enough, the only person that I think understands what I’m going through is the same blue-skinned brute that stole my sister. It’s wrong to hook up with him, even as a mindless fling. Except…I’m not so good with the whole ‘rules’ thing. And he’s not so great with the ‘fling’ thing.

Barbarian’s Taming is the eighth book of the series. I think I only have one physical book after this one before I need to choose if I’m willing to buy eBooks. I wish I was one of those people who were comfortable with paying for eBooks, especially to the ones that aren’t available in physical form but I just aren’t? If I’m going to pay for a book I want to actually hold it in my hands.

“None of these put him on the ‘Ice Planet’s Most Desirable Bachelors’ List.”

Maddie is maybe the character I can relate the most in this series. She loves her sister very much like I do mine but she feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere and that she’s just annoying everyone or in their way. She feels lost while it seems like everyone else is happy, even Josie with her morning sickness. Maddie love Lila but she’s also jealous because everyone adores her while barely tolerate her. Maddie doesn’t feel loved, needed or accepted.

I can’t help but feel bad for Hassen too. He made one mistake (huge one but still a mistake) and now he can’t do anything but hunt for his people. He has no family and he just wanted a mate to take care of and not to feel so alone while his people mated to humans one by one.

Maddie feels like she’s a failure but Hassen sees her as fierce and fearless. He thinks Maddie is passionate and loving but she doesn’t listen to order well. Some reason I always love how the aliens are so clueless about some words, like when Maddie said “Fuck.” Hassen was just “Not now” like she wants to do it at that moment.

“You made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you should be punished forever.”

I love how this book s about forgiveness and being a little selfish. Maddie and Hassen are always taking care of others but it’s OK to be a little selfish with love.


4.5 stars

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Barbarian’s Taming by Ruby Dixon

    1. I love this series! I’d get physical copy of every single book of the series if I could. The heroes in the series are funnily naive and I love that different alien find their “mates” in every book.


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