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Why I Don’t Read Many YA Books These Days

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Hello my darling followers. Today I actually have some content that’s not a review, tag or wrap up? I am as shocked as you are. I decided to write this post since I’ve noticed that I don’t reach out towards many Young Adult books anymore.

I hope you guys enjoy this post.



My book taste has change from my teens. I used to need fantasy in my books and even liked action a lot. I’ve realized in recent years that Young Adult books have way too much action for me.

Action just bores me and makes me want to skip those parts. Let’s take Kingdom of Ash for example. That was long ass books and so much action, so no wonder I gave it such a low rating while almost everyone gave it five stars.

Adult books do have their own share of action too but they usually aren’t full of it since they tend to lean more on romance or maybe I just don’t notice it as much.


I started loving romance back when I was eighteen years old and started reading romance books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Immortals After Dark.

YA can have some great romances like Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, Warner and Juliette from Shatter Me, Feyre and Rhysand from ACOTAR, Daemon and Katy from Lux etc. But there are many couples that I just could care less about, like Alina and Mal from Grisha, Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Nathan and Annalise from Half ad trilogy etc.

I’m sick of love triangles. I wouldn’t mind if they were well written but I can only name one I’ve liked (Tessa, Will and Jem in The Infernal Devices) and there’s a lot of them in YA. I especially can’t stand them if the best friend suddenly has feelings for the main character after someone else shows interest, like in The Darkest Elements.

I know a lot of people don’t like sexual content on books but I actually enjoy them a lot as long as the book isn’t 90% sex like some erotica books.

Character’s Age

It hasn’t been that long since I was a teenager (I’m turning 24 next month) but characters in New Adult/ Adult books are closer to my age. It’s nice to read about teenagers from time to time but they (and some characters in Adult fiction) can do some stupid things.

I did some stupid things (and still do) but I sometimes act older than my age, like when I was ten I just needed TV open and I was happy for hours. I also mothered my ten years older sister about her eating. She sometimes only ate like few Karelian pies in a day. She still sometimes does that, so I feed her from time to time. So anyways, I try to understand these characters but sometimes I just can’t.

I Don’t Really Pick New YA Series Anymore

So many YA book series have let me down that I don’t feel like picking new ones up unless I’m 85% sure I’m going to enjoy them. It’s not just the fear of disliking the first book but I also have second book -syndrome where I end up giving the first book even up to five stars but then the sequel is such a let down that I can’t love the first book as much I used to.

Do you prefer YA or NA/ Adult? Do you prefer action or romance in your books?

11 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Read Many YA Books These Days

  1. I totally understand changing tastes. I am a huge mood reader, so feel like reading shifts really rapidly – sometimes YA and sometimes not. Regardless, that’s what I love about books. No matter what your mood is, there’s always something out there that fits what you’re looking for!


    1. I’m a huge mood reader too. I just haven’t felt like starting any new YA series but I have reread old faves and sequels published this year. Otherwise I’ve Favorited adult books. I love how love for books doesn’t change eve if you start to prefer different kind of books.

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    1. What are some of your favorites? I still love some YA and as long as synopsis sounds awesome I’m going to give them a chance– I just won’t be as quick to pick them up as books for adult audience.


  2. I’ve been reading YA, NA, and Adults books since high school (much to my sister’s disapproval 😆) so I get what you’re saying. Especially now that I’m older, it’s getting a bit difficult to read about characters in high school when I can barely remember it.
    I definitely get what you’re saying about the romance. I do like my romance books, normally if they’re paranormal or fantasy. but it’s a good genre 😃


    1. Why does your sister disapprove? My sister doesn’t really get my love for books but she likes looking at the covers of the books I buy.

      I prefer paranormal and fantasy romance too but there are some contemporary romance I really enjoy, like Addicted series and Alexa Riley books.

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      1. Oh that was back in high school – she’s older so she started to read adult books and because I’m that kind of person, if you tell me not to read a book, I’m gong to read it. Now, because I’m older, we talk about the books 😄
        Yeah I do prefer the paranormal and fantasy books. Now and then contemporary but I think it depends on the plot and author.


  3. I totally get this, I go through phases of what I’m in the mood to read, like earlier this year I just wanted devour all the contemporaries but like fluffy ones. Now I’m wanting to read all the urban fantasy and paranormal romance I can get my hands on. I still read a fair amount of YA but I’m also still a teenager but there are times where I want to reach for a NA book. I only read adult books if they’re urban fantasy/fantasy or paranormal romance because I don’t really connect with any of the other genres. Loved this post Jamsu! ❤


    1. I love urban fantasy and paranormal! Besides those I’m into contemporary atm, especially Addicted series and anything with bad boy character. I still read some YA but books with adult audience just own my heart more.

      Thank you! That means a lot from the queen of discussion posts.

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