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Buddy Read: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong


Bitten by Kelley Armstrong 
Series: Otherworld #1
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Paranormal 
Age Range: Adult Audience
Warnings: Cheating
Format: Paperback, 448 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on May 1st 2010 by Little, Brown Book Group
Kelley Armstrong: Website | Twitter | Goodreads


“I’ve been fighting it all night.
I’m going to lose …Nature wins out.
It always does.”

Elena Michaels didn’t know that her lover Clay was a werewolf until he bit her, changing her life for ever. Betrayed and furious, she cannot accept her transformation, and wants nothing to do with her Pack – a charismatic group of fellow werewolves who say they want to help.

When a series of brutal murders threatens the Pack, Elena is forced to make an impossible choice. Abandon the only people who truly understand her new nature, or help them to save the lover who ruined her life, and who still wants her back at any cost.

“You forget, darling. I am the local psychopath.”

Demi @ Demi Reads and I have wanted to buddy read another book for awhile and I don’t remember how we got to talking about Bitten– me probably explaining all the books I was ordering and we decided to read it. I’m not big on books with werewolves and you could say that they’re out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed the TV series and Ruby @ Ruby’s Books suggested that I should read the books.

Elena Michaels is a regular woman besides the whole werewolf -thing. She has a boyfriend and she works in journalism. Everything is just normal until she gets a call from Stonehaven. She has love triangle with her boyfriend Philip (really nice guy but pretty boring) and a fellow werewolf, Clay. She could get to my nerves.

Clay was turned into a werewolf when he was a kid and he knew he wanted Elena since the moment he saw her. I really felt bad for him since he clearly loves Elena very much but ruined things in the past and now Elena’s always finding a reason to fight him. Clay would do anything for her and even considers them married even though they never got married.

I think if I would’ve tried to finish this book in few days I would’ve had hard time to finish it. I liked Elena/ Clay just as I did in the show but it just felt like reading season one script except some things were different, some in bad and some in good ways.

I still want to continue this series because just because I didn’t enjoy this one more doesn’t mean I won’t love the second book.


3 stars

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3 thoughts on “Buddy Read: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

  1. I definitely want to try and read these as I enjoyed the first season of the show [I didn’t get to watch the rest] and I really hope you enjoy book 2, but I’ll wait and see if you do before I pick up this series!


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