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I’m here with another book tag. I saw this one in Sofii @ A Book. A Thought‘s blog.

Where are you from, and what is your native language or languages?

I am from Finland and I speak Finnish. I live next to over from Turku (which used to be Finland’s capital. It’s such a relive to have a good access to buss again. The town I used to live with my parents I could only go to the buss every hour but here buses come almost every 15 minutes.

In what languages do you read books?

It depends on the books. I read most of them in English but I do read some in Finnish, like Twilight and Rick Riordan books. I prefer reading in English but sometimes I have easier access to Finnish books and mythology is hard enough in my native language.

Are there Book Blogs, Booktubers, Bookstagrammers in your native language and if so, what is the community like?

I know two or three Finnish bloggers but all of them blog in English, like I do. But there’s not really a community.

If there is a Blogging Community in your native language, why did you decide to join the international one?

I wanted to reach more than the one person I knew that were a Finnish blogger. I don’t think she ever even visited my blog after following it.

Are there any struggles or challenges for you as a non-native English speaker?

There’s few things

  • Writing some reviews in different language than I read them in
  • I can’t go to any fun things like YALC
  • Shipping is too much
  • Can’t meet any authors or get special edition books
  • Grammar
How do you get hold of English books?

I order them online or sometimes I can even find some in my local bookstore but only paperbacks.

What is the best thing about being part of the international community?

Meeting some very wonderful people with the same opinions I do. I also like talking with people with different taste because just because two people read the same book, it doesn’t mean that they had the same feelings about it.

Do you follow or watch other international Booktube channels or Blogs?

Yes! I follow many international blogs but I think only one international Booktube but in my defense I only follow like five Booktubers all in all.

I tag

Not tagging anyone since I wasn’t tagged, but feel free to do it or comment some of your answers below.

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