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July Wrap Up

wrap up.png

Book Haul
  • The Capture of The Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens
Read Books
  • The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole ★★
  • Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick ★★
  • Binding His Virgin by Jamie Knight ★★
  • When she’s Ready by Ruby Dixon ★★★
  • Alpha by Jasinda Wilder ★★
  • Binding His Virgin by Jamie Knight ★★
  • Biker by Fiona Roarke ★★★★
  • Heat by Lila Moore ★★
  • A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian ★★
  • Seduce by Jennifer Snyder ★★★
  • Dirty in Pink by Pepper Swan ★★
  • Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton ★★★
  • The Mate by Abigail Owen ★★★
  • Blaze by L. Wilder ★★
  • The Merman’s Kiss by Tamsin Ley ★★★
Amazing Posts From Amazing People
  • Sophie @ Beware Of The Reader talked about some of her OTPs in her post. I think we can all agree that we could talk about our ships 24/7.
  • Dany @ Ambivert words recommended some necromancy books in her post
  • Destiny @ Howling Libraries made me want to re-read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer with her review
In Real Life


I got my own apartment and moved there like a week ago. I have most of my stuff already but my bookshelf is still at my parent’s house so all my books are still in boxes. It’s still weird to live by myself after living with my parents over twenty years.

I don’t have light in my living room at the moment but I arranged my DVDs in boxes based on their genres. I added one more box after taking the picture bellow but like I said I don’t have light there and it’s almost midnight of the night I’m posting this wrap up. There’s so many DVDs/Blu-rays I still need to buy, including almost every single Supernatural season.

My youngest niece/ god daughter turned two last weekend so we got a lot of good things to eat, including the cake above. I wish I had my sister’s baking skills.

Monthly Spreads For August


I decided to go with space theme for August. The quote in the cover is from The 100 books by Kass Morgan. I stopped watching the show in season three or four and I know it’s unpopular opinion but I prefer the books. I could’ve chosen better colors since these just remind me of the flag of Sweden 🙊


I kinda liked the habit tracker I had last month so I wanted to do it again. I just added few things to it.


I love doing habit trackers and I guess now that I live alone I actually need to use them more. Not my best work but bujos don’t have to be perfect, right?

Lastly I made work schedule but I screwed up a little bit. I decided to color code where I worked each day since I have temp jobs in different places.

Anything special happen to you this month and you’d like to share?

8 thoughts on “July Wrap Up”

    1. Thank you! ❤ It took a lot of my energy to arrange all of them but I do like the idea of finding a DVD I want to watch easily by checking what genre it is.


  1. Aaaah your bujo is so pretty *swoons* and wooooo congrats on getting your own place Jamsu! Also I aspire to have my stuff as organised as those DVDs are xD my stuff is just a hot mess spread across two rooms haha. Hope you have a wonderful August lovely


    1. Thank you (: I’m not usually that organised but there’s something about keeping your books and movies organized that I just love. I hope you have a wonderful August as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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