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Well I had this Summer Fling…

Well I had this Summer Fling…

I have different lists for some of my favorite book and TV ships so my post is a little different from this prompt. I love the idea of what Amy @ The Little Booknerds In The Corner did in her prompt but I also didn’t want to repeat old posts. Instead I’m talking about top five new ships I have so far in 2019.

I totally forgot to add Lily and Lo from Addicted series to this list. Oops.


Who are your top 5’s OTP? This can be from TV Shows and books!

5. Wynonna/ Doc (Wynonna Earp)

I don’t understand myself why I like these two together so much. I guess they just… fit well together. I didn’t start liking them that much until I recently re-watched few first seasons. Doc would give anything, even his immortality, to make sure Wynonna is as happy as possible.

4. Matthew/ Diana (A Discovery of Witches)

I read the book last year but I didn’t ship them until I saw the TV show. I enjoyed the first season so much that I even almost picked up the second book multiple times.

3. Sabrina/ Nick

Nick never wanted to hurt Sabrina and even knowing the truth I still think these two belong together. I did like Sabrina with Harper in the beginning since they were so cute together but unlike him, Nick actually likes Sabrina the way she is and even encourages her to be the powerful witch she is. They are such a powerful duo and I can’t wait to see what happens next season.

2. Knox/ Harper (Dark In You by Suzanne Wright)

I’m so so thankful that Rene @ Addicted To Romance suggested I read this after I asked recs about books with demons. I love how this adult series is so drama free unless you count all the people that are after Knox and Harper for a reason or another.

1. Quentin/Eliot (The Magicians)

I loved the friendship this two have but I didn’t start shipping them until I saw 3×05 I think when they traveled to the past.  You can’t change my mind about these two, I even wrote a post about why they should be endgame. You can read it here.

Have you read any of these books in my TBR? 

3 thoughts on “Well I had this Summer Fling…

  1. I haven’t but I feel like I definitely want to read/watch a couple of them! Like The Magicians and A Discovery of Witches, I’m still hesitant on Sabrina, there’s no Salem the snarky talking cat, but I hear the cat is adorable when it appears lol


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