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Every Body Is A Beach Body

Every Body Is A Beach Body

Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites chose to talk about body positivity in her prompt. You should check her post since she talks about what it means and how it should be included in media.

Swimsuit season is here, but you don’t need any special diets or workout routines to prepare. Media plays a huge role in making us think otherwise, though — discuss what constitutes body positivity in books, what you’d like to see more of, any recommendations for body-positive books, et cetera.

I’m listing some of my favorite Alexa Riley books to spread the positivity. They always write books about beautiful curvy heroines and possessive alpha males.

PS… You’re Mine

“For all the girls with curves… May you love them, may you rock them, and may you find the lucky bastard that appreciates them.”

Katie Lovely sends a letter for Sergeant Major Mark Gunner and captures his heart from the first letter. PS… You’re Mine ends half way through the book though so you should get it’s sequel after finishing it.

Growling For Mine

“I can show her what a good mate I can be. I will care for her like no other, and she’ll want to stay.”

Most of Alexa Riley books are contemporary but this one is actually about a bear shifter who just wants to be alone but then he saves Lola’s life. She’s homeless and goes to find something that would make a difference for her life.


““She is perfect and I couldn’t blame them, but that shit wasn’t happening.”

Cali Carr is is a model and she meets Flynn when he comes to see a model who is modeling for his company.

The Virgin Roommate

“You’re not ever sleeping away from me again.”

You can listen to this one and Mated to the Reaper via Read Me Romance -podcast. Gia Fisher finally visits her family to finally tell them about the guy she’s dating. Read to find out what happens when her brothers find out who she’s dating. You can read my review here.

Mated to the Reaper

Most people praise slow burn romances and I do enjoy some of them but book with soulmates is more my thing. This one was different since instead of shapeshfters and vampires out hero is actually a reaper. You can read my review here. The book was very good and I even gave it five stars but I found the family very annoying. They knew what it felt like to find their soulmates but because their daughter’s soulmate was a reaper she didn’t know what she was talking about even though everything was packing up what she was telling them.

What are some of your favorite books with curvy books? Or can you name any of your favorite curvy characters?

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