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Summer Personified Characters

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This is the second Bookending Summer prompt that peeked my interest. Charvi @ Not Just Fiction describes these kind of characters as: unique in their own way but there are some of those sweet and cheerful ones whose goodness reminds you of summer. 

5. Levi Stewart (Fangirl)

“You flirt with everything.” She could tell that her eyes were popping– her eyeballs actually felt cold around the edges. “You flirt with old people and babies and everybody in between.”

It has been awhile since I read Fangirl but Levi’s cheery character who likes it when Cath reads to him. He’s optimistic and seems like he’s always happy. He’s great friends with everyone, including his ex.

4. Tyson (Percy Jackson)

“Young Cyclopes grow up alone on the streets, learn to make things out of scraps. Learn to survive…makes us appreciate blessings, not be greedy and mean and fat…”

You might not know this but Tyson is my favorite character in this beloved series. Tyson always wants to help Percy. He’s always so cheery and in the beginning I felt so bad for him because he just wanted to be close to his brother but Percy was in his early teens and his thoughts weren’t very nice about him.

3. Waverly Earp (Wynonna Earp)

“I’m sorry I called you a bitch… in my head.”

Waverly is very polite and in the beginning wouldn’t even have mentioned to her friends if she didn’t like something about them or their things, like that ring one of her friends had. Waverly is such a sunny person that you can even call her cinnamon roll while she’s shooting at you. Waverly is usually very trusting and she can’t stay mad at her sister very long.

2. Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)

“Hi., my name is Caroline Forbes and I am a good vampire, and I don’t just go around killing people.”

Caroline always tries to smile and be there for people close to her no matter how hard time she’s having with something. She puts the needs of others before hers and she sees goodness in everyone. Caroline was compelled and used when she was a human, so she prefers drinking bagged blood over the source.

1. George Lovelace (Tales From Shadowhunter Academy)
“Good morning, Si! I saw a rat in the bathroom, but he was taking a nice nap and we didn’t bother each other.”

You can’t help but love George. He’s always happy and if anyone deserves the label of summer personified I think it should be George. He always shares his snacks that his mom sends him with Simon. George never judges his best friend and always got him.

He could’ve stayed with ‘popular’ kids aka the elites but instead he followed Simon. Besides his sunny personality he’s athletic, coordinated, strong and Scottish. Simon even describes him as better- looking than Jace.

Any Summer personified characters you’d like to share? 

6 thoughts on “Summer Personified Characters

  1. Aww, I haven’t read any of thoses books but they all seems like wonderful characters! My favorite out of the ones you mentionned probably is Levi though.

    Things like that were I need to pick a character out of specifics have me absolutely forget EVERYTHING about any characters I ever read about xD


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