Books That Make Temperatures Rise

Books That Make Temperatures Rise

Bookending Summer is here! Just look at that pretty logo Clo gave us. It was a pain to get into black picture (this prompt just needed some fire picture) until finally– finally my stupid brain realized to put something white behind it 😀

The first prompt I decided to do was created by Charvi @ Not Just FictionWhat are some books that make you hot headed with anger? List down some books that manage to get on your nerves for some reason or the other.


1. Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris

I tried re-reading this whole series since I never finished all of them. I really tried but knowing how it ends just didn’t motivate me to read it at all, especially after finding out that it had even less Eric than I remember it having. It’s just so hard to enjoy a series that has like two characters you like and they both only show up every now and then again. I wouldn’t even call plot as great. I kinda just wish Harris had written way less books.

2. Half Bad Trilogy by Sally Green

I have a things for checking out spoilers for books I haven’t finished yet. I’m trying to get better at it mostly because I want to stop DNF’ing books based on spoilers. I still plan on continuing this series but those spoilers made me mad and I don’t know when I get the strength to pick up the second book.

3. A Court Of Frost And Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

Nesta always rises my temperature but she did it even more in this book. People who love her seem to think that she’s damaged and been through a lot, so she’s justified to act like a bitch but I just can’t stand her. I almost wanted to skip every scene she was in. You can read my review here.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics by Joss Whedon

I have love and hate relationship with the original comics. On other hand it seems like Whedon was on crack while writing season eight and I haven’t heard good things from seasons twelve. But then again season ten and eleven Spuffy was everything I wished from the show and I love the art.

5. Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout
You can read my review here but all the characters were acting dumb in this one. Layla made stupid decisions, Roth kept secrets and Zayne acted like a hypocrite. Can someone erase this book from my brain? If it wasn’t a buddy read I probably wouldn’t have finished it. I was that frustrated.

Any books that make you hot headed with anger? 

3 thoughts on “Books That Make Temperatures Rise

  1. Ooooooh Yes to Sookie Stackhouse and most definitely to Stone Cold Touch. And hold up a sec there’s Spuffy in the comics? Now I need to get my hands on them. I honestly read a few spoilers (about how everyone ends up forgetting about Dawn – I think that was the sister’s name) and that made me saaad 😦 I usually am able to ignore spoilers, but for SS no way Jose. I feel betrayed, almost like I felt when Robin and Neil broke up in HIMYM just to pair Robin with Ted YET AGAIN. Great list Jamsu! Can’t wait to see your next BE Summer post.


    1. I’m glad someone agrees with some of my picks. Yes, there’s ton of Spuffy in s10 and 11! But like I said I have hate/ love relationship with the comics. If I would be you I’d at least skip season 8. I guess they did in the beginning but she’s with someone you wouldn’t have expected her to end up with while watching the show. I wasn’t that invested to that ship but Klaroline and Queliot’s fates destroyed me to pieces. Also Karamel… Why do I have so many ships that aren’t endgame 😭


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