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Audio Book Review: The Virgin Roommate by Alexa Riley


The Virgin Roommate by Alexa Riley 
Series: Virgin Marriage #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Erotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Audiobook
Source: Read Me Romance
Published on June 3rd 2019
Alexa Riley: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Gia Fisher comes from a big, all-up-in-your-business family. They all love each other and they come with good intentions. She’s kept her boyfriend Marco at a distance, however, because she didn’t want them to drive him away. But she’s head over heels and tired of hiding her love.

Marco Taylor knew Gia she was the one for him the moment he met her. She’s keeping him away from her family and he can’t blame her. He doesn’t come from anything special and in the past he’s had a run-in with her brothers. He’s not good enough for her, but he can’t let her go.

Warning: What happens when the two of them finally shout their love from the rooftop? Oh, you know it’s gonna be explosive! Grab the final installment of the Virgin Marriage Series and see if these two can find their happily ever after.

I haven’t read earlier books of the series but it’s Alexa Riley book, so they’re all standalones. I waited a whole week for all the parts come out, so I could binge listen to the whole book. Alexa Riley books are my favorite romance books, so I’m so happy there’s been so many freebies lately.

“You’re not ever sleeping away from me again.”

The Virgin Roommate is a story about Gia Fisher who has been dating Marco a while but has been too scared to tell her family about him, especially her over protective brothers. Marco has no idea what’s going on and even starts to worry that she’s finally realized that he’s not good enough for her light and warmth. Her brothers are no way happy about the news, especially Jason who still blames Marco about something that happened years ago.

I just love how Alex Riley always succeeds writing such a good characters. We have Gia who is very sweet but she also knows what she wants and then our hero is possessive alpha male who is also a little insecure. Marco has been rejected his whole life and can’t believe that someone like Gia would want him but he’s also too selfish to let her go.

It has been awhile since a romance affected me this way. They’re just so cute and sexy. Marco had never felt the way he does with Gia before. It’s like she lights up the room. Marco knew that Gia was the one for him since the moment he saw her. She was the most beautiful thing and he couldn’t stop himself from talking to her even though he was late from a meeting.

5 stars

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