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Couples Who Need a Sequel

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Six For Sunday is a weekly meme created by Steph @ A Little But A Lot. The meme was created to list 6 things we love/hate every Sunday. The prompts are mainly bookish but I will add things from TV shows also in certain prompts since I love to cheat.

This post contains major spoilers for all the couples I picked.


6. Roth/ Layla (The Dark Elements)

Roth made me fell for demo books, hard. I can never get enough of him and his relationship with Layla. I haven’t read Zayne’s book, so I don’t know how big pat they have in it or if Layla is in it at all but I need another book of them kicking ass together with minimum angst. I might find Layla annoying at times but I think re-reading these books with Demi made me love them even more. Besides more of them I need them to get certain familiar back.

5. Hunter/Selena (Obsession)

Hunter and Selena aren’t as hyped up as Daemon and Katy from JLA’s other book series. I mean both are part of Lux universe but somehow people just don’t know about this book. I’m so sad that this was a standalone because I loved re-reading it with Demi. You can read her review here. The romance is slow burn andthe development is just so good. I need to find more about their lives together. Thankfully they at least made few appearances in Lux.

4. Adrian/Sydney (Bloodlines)

Can you have too much Adrian Ivashkov in your life? Nope. I need to see more of their life together, and even Hopper. I even miss that little demon. I also craved to see if what Adrian said about them having a child together came true. I mean

3. Cress/ Thorne

I know we got a whole book focused on these two but it was slow burn and they didn’t get together until Winter. I just need a whole book about how they things go from there. I just love Cress and Thorn. It would be a dream come true to get a book about them for adult audience since I’m weird like that.

2. Magnus/ Alex (Magnus Chase)

It’s a crime that this Rick Riordan book only have three books. I miss all the characters and just when things were starting to happen for these two the whole series ended. If I could only choose one ship from Rick Riordan books this one would be it. I’m still so sad how we only get maybe one kiss and I loved seeing Magnus being confused af about his feelings for Alex since (s)he’s genderfluid.

1. Trez/ Serena (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

This one is one of the books I need ASAP in Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward. After everything I need Trez to be happy and get his shellan back.

What couples in your opinion needs a sequel?

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