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Learning to Let Go

learning to let go

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader wrote this prompt to discuss how to get rid of books you’re not interested in reading or re-reading anymore. The problem is that I have never really unhauled books, so I’m making a list of some of the books I keep on my boxes and plan to unhaul… someday. I’m trying not to mention books from Monday’s post about sequels I’m not interest in reading. You can read it here.

10. The Vampire Diaries and Stefan’s Diaries by L.J Smith

I guess it’s not a surprise that I got to these books back when I liked the Salvatore brothers and Elena. I have zero interested continuing them. They’re so different from the show and without TV! Caroline or the Mikaelsons I’m just not interested.

9. The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

I had no idea this wasn’t the first book of the series when I bought it way back when. I’m just not even interested in it anymore.

8. Love In Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

I loved the idea of this book and the synopsis sounded so good but unfortunately I ended up not enjoying it. It was insta love between the main characters but they refused to be together for 90% of the book. Mark and Kate even started dating other people and I was expecting Mark to act jealous but– nothing.

7. Matched by Ally Condie

I regret buying this whole trilogy but in my defense I really enjoyed the first book. I just never actually finished the second one. I was more into romance than the actual plot, so it’s not a surprise when things went how they went I decided not to continue.

6. Divergent by Veronica Roth

I read this one back when I still liked The Hunger Games., way before they made the movie. I really enjoyed the first book, then I was meh about the second and I never actually read the last one because I knew about that one character death.

5. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

I got into this series back when the first movie came out. I bought Mockingjay after the second move and it cost me a fortune but I didn’t read it like a year or two ago. I was so disappointed, actually. I thought it would be epic because it was the last book and I knew who would end up together but it was pretty lame in my opinion.

4. Half- Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I decided to give this series a chance after finishing Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase. I loved the idea of reading another book series about mythology. It’s Jennifer L. Armentrout’s book, so I was sure I was going to love it since I love her Lux and The Dark Elements series. I felt like it was TVA 2.0 but with demigods instead of vampires.

3. A Kiss Of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton

Thank God I found this from a thrift shop and didn’t spend a lot of money to it. I refused to DNF this book by thinkig that it would get better but reverse harem just isn’t my cup of tea. A Kiss Of Shadows ended up being 1- star read for me. That should tell you how much I dislike it.

2. After series by Anna Todd

I actually finished these books and even tried re-reading them last year. I might try finishing the re-read because I don’t like to leave series unfinished and I just want to see how toxic that relationship can get. There’s just too much unnecessary drama and I’m starting to get why so many people hate Fifty Shades Of Grey if they got similar feelings about it as I did about After.

1. Grisha trilogy and Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I only finished Shadow And Bone. I did give Six of Crows a chance and while I get why so many people like Bardugo’s writing– her books just aren’t for me. I regret buying all these books. They might be my biggest regret in this whole list, even more so than After.

What books do you need to unhaul?

8 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. I have three boxes of books that I want to unhaul, but they’re just sitting in a corner because I can’t bring myself to actually get rid of them. Even though I know I’m not going to read them again, it’s just so hard to actually take them somewhere!


    1. It is hard. What if one day I change my mind and want to read them after all? I think one day I just have to take few of them with me and donate to the local library. We usually can’t donate books to the library but I live in a small town and we have a small shelf where people can just take books others have donated.


      1. That shelf is a nice idea. The last time I did a big unhaul (about three years ago, I think) I donated all the books to the library. Then they sell the books for $1-3 and the money helps them buy new books. There’s also a used bookstore that will give me store credit for books, so I have to decide if I want to go there instead.


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