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TV Shows I Wish Were On Netflix

TV Shows I Wish Were On Netflix

Some shows (and probably most of them) in this list might be in your Netflix depending on where you live. This is a list of shows that aren’t on Finnish Netflix and I wish they were for a reason or another.

6. Criminal Minds

My favorite criminal show! I’m still in season 11 since I never know when they’re showing it in TV and of course out Netflix doesn’t have it. I’d still be in season six if I hadn’t loaned so many seasons from a classmate. I know that many characters have already left the show but as long as Spencer Reid is there I’d watch as many seasons as possible. I’m guessing it’s cancelled now and the only I want is to see Spencer alive and happy.

5.  Smallville

I fell in love with this show as a kid before superheroes were such a big deal, before all the marvel movies.

I’d love to be able to rewatch this show on Netflix. I miss Clois and when other people read comics I learned everything from this show. I still compre everything, like how different Barry and Kara are from Smallville.

4. One Tree Hill

I know I’m weird but I don’t often like TV shows set in the human world but One Tree Hill is a different story. I’m not big fan of most of the relationships but I liked seeing the characters grow. This is actually maybe the only show I have in common with both of my sisters.

3. Charmed

Charmed was my first obsession. I still remember ten year old me playing that I was Paige Matthews and my mom asking if I was watching witch hunt again. I do own season from six to eight on DVD but that still leaves other five seasons I do not own. I know the show a little too well but I’d like to be able to watch all seasons in Netflix.

2. The Magicians

This is only on HBO Nordica and the reason why I have to order it every month. Season four has just made me love the show more than ever and we don’t even have Eliot back yet. My wallet would be so thankful if I was able to watch the show in Netflix instead.

1. Supernatural

I’m still sad that Supernatural was cancelled. I know they were only planning to make like five seasons and I used to joke with my friends every time they announced a new season that they were never going to cancel it and Jensen and Jared would be playing Dean and Sam even when they were like 80- years old.

Anyways, I’m pretty behind in the show since it’s not in Netflix and I’m not ready to buy about 50€ for one season in blu-ray.

What shows do you wish were on your Netflix? What do you think about the shows I picked?

9 thoughts on “TV Shows I Wish Were On Netflix

  1. I haven’t watched One Tree Hill but I really want to watch it and hence, I also want it to be on Netflix so I could watch it!
    I wish Suits Season 9 was on Netflix 😦 Ugh, I really want to watch it!
    Another show I wish was on Netflix is How I Met Your Mother. I watched season 1 of it on TV (My mom had it recorded) and now, I can’t continue as it is not on Netflix…


    1. HIMYM is in our netflix and i watched it once. I tried rewatching Suit but already gave up in s1. I guess that show isn’t for me. I know almost everyone loves Friends but I actually enjoyed HIMYM more.

      I love OTH. I need to loan them one day from my sister but i rarely see her and she always forgets to bring them!

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