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Type A Personality Characters

type a

This is a list of book characters that are neat and organised and slightly obsessed with order. This prompt was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction.

5. Christian Grey (Fifty Shades Of Grey)

“I exercise control in all things Miss Steele”

I know that many people don’t like Christian but here I go with another list with him in it and I’m not even sorry.

Christian likes to take control of everything (with his subs, business and hobbies) because of what he went through before he was adopted.

He also likes having his clothes and house neat and organized. He has a house keeper to keep his house in order and a guard to keep him safe.

4. Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments)
“Alec seemed old for his age, serious and responsible, and yet that he approached the world with a tender wonder that made all things new. Alec was a warrior who brought Magnus peace.”

Alec likes to follow rules and order. He’s used to being the responsible one from the Lightwood siblings. Alexander likes to wear black clothes all the time.

3. Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)

“And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.”

It has been awhile since I started this book series but he cares about his personal hygiene a lot and what kind of clothes he has.

2. Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)

“So you’re saying that now, I`m basically an insecure, neurotic, controlfreak… on crack. “

Caroline is the only character that’s not from a book in this list. She seems pretty shallow when we first see her but then we see that she’s insecure and then she got a lot of character growth when she was turned into a vampire.

Caroline’s father left her mom and her for another man and her mother was more focused with work than her. Not only that but her friends nor guys never made her feel like good enough. This made her a overachiever.

Caroline likes to do lists and color code things. She’s also an expert of doing cards for studying. It was also showed in fifth season, that she likes to clean when she’s stressed.

1. Sydney Sage (Bloodlines)

“I think I’m just overthinking things.”

Sydney was the first person I thought when I saw this prompt in the announcement post. She’s responsible and likes control. Syndey loves to organize, like when she takes care of things for people close to her. For example, so Adrian could go to college.

Logic and facts calm her down; she likes to know how things work. That’s part of the reason why she started using magic even though it scared her more than anything ever had.

Sydney likes to dress neatly, mostly neutral colors because how she was raised. She also likes to wear a cross around her neck because of her religion.

What type A characters are your favorites?

5 thoughts on “Type A Personality Characters

  1. Jamsu honestly you amazes me recalling all these characteristics and quirks about book characters! And now that you say it yes I agree with you!


    1. Thank you. Truthfully I use wikipedia to help with some of these posts because my memory is the worst. You can say something to me ten times and I still forget 😂 Which one do you agree with?


  2. Oh my gosh, it was more easy than I thought! I seriously was writing this prompt and deleted it because I didn’t know any character. But yes I totally agree on Sydney and Warner!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I see my lovely Alec on the list 😍
    Also omg I totally forgot about Warner and I definitely agree about him being a Type A Personality from what I can remember. Love the post! Hope you had fun participating ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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