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Best Friend Guesses My Bookish Answers

best friend guesses my bookish answers

I saw Swetlana @ The Caffeinated Bookworm Life do this post with her sister and I knew that I wanted to steal it from her. I have two best friends and decided to see if either one of them was willing to do this and gladly I got Jenny to do it *laugh evilly*

I had fourteen books I showed her and she had to guess what book belonged to which caregory. She needed hints on some books and some she knew right away.

Longest Completed Series

Jamsu: Throne Of Glass

Jenny after some hints: Throne Of Glass

Most Read Author

Jamsu: J.R Ward. There’s sixteen books in her vampire series and then I’ve read one book from her Fallen Angels series.

Jenny: Probably Cassandra… the one that has 16 books? I can’t see her name… J.R Ward. It looked lke it said Cassandra.

Favorite Cover

Jamsu: The Wicked Deep

Jenny: The Wicked Deep…?

Least Favorite Cover

Jamsu: Lux: Beginnings

Jenny: You don’t like the cover of the Lux. You preferred paperback version.

First Ever Arc A Book In My Shelf That I’ve Owned The Longest

Jamsu: I have never gotten an ARC so I changed the question to a book I’ve owned the longest, which is The Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

Jenny: The Breaking Dawn because it’s the oldest in this list.


Jamsu: SYDRIAN!!! ❤

Jenny: Adrian is in Bloodlines and there’s that one chick. And there’s that gay ship in Carry On. Is it Adrian and that Syd— you’ve talked about Adrian so much.

Favorite Book

Jamsu: Every Last Breath. Hint: this series got me to start another book series

Jenny: It’s Every Last Breath.

Read Most Times

Jamsu: Fifty Shades of Grey

Jenny: I’m not sure. I’m unsure. Maybe Grey because i have that kind of feeling. And it’s in the guy’s POV which is more interesting than the woman’s.

Push Most People To Read

Jamsu: Carry On

Jenny: Err… you tell me to read  everything! Carry On because you told me to read it too and Fangirl is good. It also is your second favorite vampire book.

Most Recently Finished

Jamsu: Embers by Suzanne Wright

Jenny: *checks from Jamsu’s blog* is it Embers?

Favorite Book Of 2018

Jamsu: Restore Me. I read it in seven hours.

Jenny: IN SEVEN HOURS?! How— Restore Me because you mentioned that you were waiting for it. It looks so calm and a little sad and kinda peaceful. Like I could read it sometime— when I can read.

Favorite Author

Jamsu: Unfortunately I do’t own a lot of books by this author but I love Alexa Riley books!

Jenny: it’s that Holly— or not.

Jamsu: She/ They keep a romance podcast

Jenny: Alexa Riley *points at the cover*

Made Me Cry The Most

Jamsu: Clockwork Princess

Jenny: Clockwork Princess. I saw the answer in your blog post.

Most Want To Read

Jamsu: The Wicked King

Jenny: *checks publication dates* it’s The Wicked King.


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