30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

Welcome to reading my first post for Bookendng Spring. This prompt was created by  AJ @ For The Love Of Diversity In Books but Sam @ Fictionally Sam took over AJ’s hosting days.

The idea with this prompt is to list out thirty books that I’d keep if you were Marie Kondo since we love de-cluttering books not worthy of space in our shelves. This list is going to be so hard one for me! I mean how can I choose only 30 books to keep.

You might not see some series you know I adore, like Crossfire, Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Host and Magnus Chase in this list and that’s simply because those books are translated into Finnish, so I could loan them from the library any day unlike some English books I adore.

1. Dark In You by Suzanne Wright (4 books)

Dark In You has become one of my favorite series and I’m going to miss Knox and Harper a lot. Asher is such a cutie too! I’m so glad this series was more full of mystery instead of angst.

2. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (3 books)

I’m rereading Clockwork Angel and I can’t imagine giving these books away! I love all the characters and how can I give away a book that has William Herondale in it? I think that no book has made me cry like Clockwork Princess did.

3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (1 book)

SNOWBAZ! This is my second favorite vampire series. You might ask how about your favorite vampire series, Jamsu? Where is it? I just can’t fit that series here since it’s like sixteen books and I own nine of them. I could borrow them from the library if I wanted to.

4. The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout (2 books)

I know this series have three books but I’d gladly give Stone Cold Touch away. I don’t want to deal with the boredom third time. You can read my review here why I’d rather forget it exists.

Anyways ROTH is the main reason I want to keep these two books. I also love Bambi and all the other tattoos he has. This is the series that made me wan to start Dark In You. I was having some Roth withrawls and needed another demon to obsess over. I might like Dark In you more all in all but Roth would win my affections over Knox any day.

5. Lux + Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout (4 books)
I own Lux: Beginnings and Lux: Consequences so even though it’s really seven books I own them in four muhahaha. I love Lux series and it’s spin off Obsession so much and I just can’t get rid of them.
6. ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas (2 books)

Yes, I actually decided to only add two books of this series in here. I was meh about the first books because you know Tamlin. Let’s not even mention the novella that had way too much Nesta in it. I can deal with Tamlin but Nesta just rubs me the wrong way.

7. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (6 books)

Come on Adrian Ivashkov! Did you ever doubt I wouldn’t add these books to my list? I just adore him and his relationship with Sydney so much. You guys also know how much I love Hopper.

8. The Dreadful Tale Of Prosper Redding (1 book)

The only book in this list that has zero romance! I was so afraid of reading this book and even though the second book wasn’t really for me– I still freaking love this book! You can read my review here.

9. Shatter Me (2 books)
I do own four books of the series but I’m only keeping Ignite Me and Restore Me. Those who have read the series might know why I don’t want to keep the first two books even though I love the banter between Warner and Juliette. Hopefully I can get Defy Me ASAP!
10. The Supervillain And Me by Danielle Banas (1 book)

I remember being so pleasantly surprised by this young adult contemporary. I’m not a Marvel fan so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this but wanted to give it a chance and ended up being more romance than superhero-y.

11. Cress by Marissa Meyer (1 book)

Cress is my absolute favorite of the series! I love Cress, Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf. There’s just so many books I can keep, so I’m only keeping this one.

12. Transcendence by Shay Savage (1 book)

My favorite standalone. I just love time travel and I know this book isn’t for anyone but even though it was expensive it was worth every sent!

13. Trylle by Amanda Hocking (2 books)

Switched doesn’t have Loki, so it won’t get a place in this list. Finn is like this series Adam and I just can’t keep a book for him. Before I got into books about fairies I read this one about trolls. I love how different it’s from my usual taste. It does have love triangle but not the kind you’re thinking of.

No one said that I had too keep all the books of the series, OK?  Is there any books in my list you’d gladly give away or books you’d like to add into it?

11 thoughts on “30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

  1. I go yaaaaaaaassssss on your list so often! I had this prompt in mind, but decided to skip this one since I don’t read physical books. I still need to read The Dark Elements and I just got my hands on Obsession!

    Anyway, I hope AJ is okay!


    1. You should read The Dark Elements even though I’m not big fan of the main character or love triangle.. but Roth makes the series totally worth it for me! I think might belong to my top three book characters after Adrian and Will.

      If you’ve enjoyed Lux series you totally should read Obsession! It gives you a little look in Hunter’s mind and what he thinks about this war between Luxen and Arum. Let me know what you think about it since I’m guessing your review won’t be in English.

      I hope she’s OK too. I wonder what happened to her.


  2. I feel you on throwing away stone cold touch. That book was how I practiced my skimming skills LMAO. As for ACOTAR, could we just throw away half the book? Like keep everything where Rhysand is fully present and she is kicking Amarantha’s ass. Everything before that? eh it’s tool territory and it can gooooooooo


  3. I had a lot of series on my list too, but I just kept all the books in the series. Or you know, all the books from one of my favorite authors because I couldn’t choose. Picking 30 books is hard!


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