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Book Review: The Last Life Of Prince Alastor by Alexandra Bracken


The Last Life Of Prince Alastor by Alexandra Bracken 
Series: The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding, #2
Genre: Paranormal | Fantasy
Age Range: Middle Grade
Hardcover, 448 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on February 5th 2019 by Disney-Hyperion
Alexandra Bracken: 
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Three hundred years ago, fate bound Prosper Redding and Prince Alastor of the Third Realm together. Now the human boy and fiend heir to the demon kingdom must put aside a centuries-old blood feud to save everything they love.

Alastor will guide Prosper through the demon realm-under one huge condition: Prosper must enter into a contract with the malefactor residing in him, promising eternal servitude in the afterlife. With Prosper’s sister in the clutches of the evil queen Pyra, Prosper has no choice but to agree.

But when they arrive in Alastor’s deliciously demonic home, the realm is almost as alien to Alastor as it is to Prosper-the lowest fiends have dethroned the ruling malefactors, while an unfathomable force called the Void is swiftly consuming the realm. The desperate fiends cling to the one person who says she can stop it: Pyra.

As Prosper embarks on a perilous rescue mission to the Tower of No Return, he can’t help but feel for the demons losing their home-even Alastor, who lives by a set of rules that have vanished in a new world.

With the fates of humans and demons at odds, the battle lines are drawn. Long ago, Prosper’s ancestor Honor Redding proved that humans and demons could never be friends. But is Prosper like his ancestor? And is Alastor the same demon who was betrayed by the one human he cared for?

The Last Life Of Prince Alastor was the only middle grade book I have been waiting for months to read. There was nothing wrong with the book but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t really in the mood of reading it.

Then I finally realized why I was taking my sweet time with it; I didn’t care what happened with Prue so their whole quest/ adventure didn’t really interest me that much. Prosper loves her sister and I know I should care what happened with her but I can’t forgive her how she treated Prosper in the first book. Prosper even talked like his sister sacrificed everything for him over and over again but like when? When she was sick? When she treated him as badly as the rest of his family? When she was kidnapped?

I didn’t only love Prosper’s friendship with Nell but also how his relationship with Alastor went. Prosper even mentions that if Alastor’s a cockroach, his ancestors are the Black Plague. Alastor’s name is important for him but he still gave a letter up, so they could find Prosper’s sister.

I enjoyed seeing how different the downstairs were from the human world and how things had changed while Alastor was away. I usually hate flashbacks and flash forwards but Bracken wrote the flashbacks very well. Readers could see how Honor changed and why Alastor dislikes Redding family so much besides the whole tricking him part.

It might’ve taken me forever to read this book but I still loved the characters and friendships it had. I just didn’t like how Alastor and Prosper were ready to do anything for their sisters even though they didn’t really deserve it. I liked how it ended but I still wish there was another book for the series.

3.5 stars

6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Last Life Of Prince Alastor by Alexandra Bracken

  1. It’s so sad that you didn’t care about the plot in this book! I think the biggest problem I usually have and why most books end up in my hate list or in my dnf pile, is because I just don’t care. Honestly, I would rather absolutely hate a book than just not care about it 😂😂

    I’ve heard about this series, and I think it could be a fun Halloween read. I would pick it up, but I really do have higher priority books on my TBR :((


    1. If you do ever end up picking it up, I hope you enjoy it more than I did haha. Like I said in my review I still liked the characters and friendships even though I didn’t care about who they were trying to save.

      I did love the first books so much, it was actually maybe my favorite middle grade book ever.

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