Why I Think Queliot Should Be Endgame


I was amazed how much engagement my Klaroline post got, so after that Eliot centered episode of The Magicians (4×05) I decided to start writing a post about why I think Quentin and Eliot should end up together.

I haven’t shipped these two long but I just really want them to end up together. I watched season 1 and 2 awhile ago but I didn’t really hip anyone in the show but then I finally watched season three last month and I fell in love. Episode five from season three anyone?

I was supposed to post this next week but I just couldn’t resist, so here we go. Obviously, this post has major spoilers for season 4. I haven’t seen the newest episode yet since I plan to watch it today after I get home from my internship but I hope it’s not one that would’ve added more reasons to my list.

Friends to lovers ship I actually stan

“If i ever get out of here, Q, know that when i’m braver it’s ‘cause i learned it from you.”

Eliot was the first person Quentin met when he came to Brakebills. Quentin has always loved magic, so I think it would be fitting for him to end up with a person who he met first after arriving Brakebills. I guess writers thought their meeting was epic since they almost copied it when Julia without her memories arrived at the Brakebills. After rewatching the first seasons before Season four started I don’t really get how I missed their chemistry from that very moment? I mean the way Eliot checked him out and Quentin was like “U-huh” when Eliot asked if he was Quentin Coldwater.

Eliot bonds fast (with certain people like Margo and Quentin) so they became friends not long after they met actually. Eliot doesn’t care about a lot of people and doesn’t think they’re worth the trouble either but Quentin is different story for him. Quentin is one of the only people who understands him and Eliot feels lucky to have a friend like him. Can you feel me swooning behind the keyboard?

Eliot is High King in his blood and it made sense to Quentin and he believed that Eliot was going to be a really good king. Eliot on other hand describes Quentin as ‘good and true’. I can’t tell you how happy it made me when the show writers decided to turn this ship from fanon to canon by making them be in love instead of it only just being one sided even if they’re not currently together.

I rarely fell for friends to lovers trope but how could I not with these two? Can you imagine anything better than Quentin ending up with his best friend and soulmate? Jason Ralph called them soulmates so it must be true and you can’t prove otherwise.
They’re always there for each other

“You sacrifice for the people you love.”

Eliot and Quentin would do anything for each other. Quentin didn’t even care what the monster would do to him as long as he could some day get Eliot back. Monster could probably kill him and all their friends but he’d stop helping him if he killed Eliot.

Every time Quentin’s sad he can go to Eliot and he makes him feel less alone. I kinda love how jealous the monster is about his relationship with Quentin that he even lied about Eliot being dead. I just love all the scenes where Quentin is upset about something or brooding and Eliot either hugs him or makes him feel better by saying something, like when Quentin was pretty sad and walked back to their house. Eliot saw him and yelled his name and waved at him. I just love how much it made Quentin smile.


They had a family together

“Fifty years. Who gets proof-of-concept like that?”
“Peaches and plums, motherfucker!”

Queliot have only shared few kisses but I still think they have more chemistry than any other Eliot and Quentin ship. Queliot could’ve only stayed friends after 3×05 but I think all their hugs could’ve fed me for a long time. I shipped Klaroline for years without them having any scenes together, so that wouldn’t have been so difficult.

In alternative future they had a family together while trying to find a way to save everyone. They grew old together and Quentin even had to see him die from old age. Quentin wanted to give them a shot in “real life” when they came back with memories of this possible future. Unfortunately Eliot got scared and lashed out. I totally get it because Eliot is who he is but it also makes me so sad. Quentin doesn’t even know how Eliot feels about him.

They literally know that they could get their relationship work since they lived it. Eliot actually died from being too old in that future and Quentin had to wrap him into the blanket they were sitting on when they had their first kiss in Fillory.

They both have been through a lot
Quentin’s mom made him feel like a failure and like he breaks everything he touches like when he once broke something when he was a kid. Eliot’s dad never accepted him. Quentin’s best friend made him feel like he was broken and even wanted to make him believe that he was still suicidal and insane instead of magician. Eliot was bullied and discovered that he was a magician by accidentally killing someone.
Quentin had depression and Eliot had been through a lot before Breakbills, like Eliot had an abusive father but his most painful memory and the memory he was the most ashamed of was when he rejected Quentin. Eliot knew that he loves Quentin and that he loves him back.

Q and Eliot have both be in love but, like they have never been as happy with anyone as they are with each other? Quentin and Alice mostly fought and Eliot had to kill maybe his most important love interest in the show.

What do you think of Queliot? Do you watch The Magicians?

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