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Book Review: Blaze by Suzanne Wright


Blaze by Suzanne Wright 
Series: Dark In You, #2
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Paranormal
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on April 18th 2017 by Piatkus
Suzanne Wright: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

For those who need more Harper and Knox . . . there’s Blaze!
Defeat the enemy. Win the boy. Live happily ever after.But life “ever after” isn’t as easy as it used to be. Harper’s gone from being a member of a small demon lair to co-Prime of one of the most powerful lairs in the US with a mate who, though hot as hell, is just a mite overprotective – I mean, you get kidnapped by dark practitioners just once . . .
Then one of Knox’s demons goes rogue, and in his madness decides Knox Thorne must die.
Harper’s worried. Knox isn’t – at least until he discovers his mate’s willingness to get between him and danger. Now, Knox has a new priority: Keep Harper safe . . . no matter what it takes.
But Harper begins to suspect there’s more danger than one rogue demon. It seems the combined strength of Harper and Knox has upset the balance of power in the demon world and there are those who are determined to right that wrong.
Because when you move up the food chain, sometimes the other predators just want to take a bigger bite.

I really enjoyed the first book of this series, so I ordered next two books right away. I’m kind of afraid of the second books of the series since they almost always let me down. Blaze pleasantly surprised me. I always take notes while I’m reading about some parts and boy did I take a lot of notes while reading this one.

Harper is such an amazing characters and I just love her. Usually I don’t like badass characters (like Annabeth from Percy Jackson) since they annoy the hell out of me but Harper is such a well written character you can’t help but love her. I especially like how she can be so calm while she’s in danger. Harper wants to take care of things by herself instead of always asking help from her family, friends or mate. Harper hates that she’s jealous for some of Knox’s exes but I think she deals with them perfectly. I don’t think I could handle them so well after all the things they always say to her.

Knox is turning out to be another demon I just adore. He’s such a romantic with the things he says even though he can’t say ‘I love you’ often. Knox didn’t even think that he had gentleness in him until Harper came along. He selfishly wants to be all Harper wants and needs but he also gets that she also has family and friends who love her.

I loved the romance even more than before. You could clearly see how much Harper and Knox trust in each other and how possessive they are of each other. Knox worries about Harper a lot and he doesn’t like it when she does dangerous things but he doesn’t want her to change either. I think this is important because if you want to change the person you love– do you really love them at all?

There actually was Charmed mention in this book! Have I mentioned lately what an obsession that show was to me as a child?

There was a mystery in Blaze like there was in Burn. I think I should’ve at least guessed who was working with the main ‘bad guy’. But it was a shock for me, so I can’t wait to see what kind of mysteries there will be in next books.

All in all I loved Blaze! It’s rare for me to like second book more than the first one but that’s what happened with Dark In You series. Last time I remember that happening was with ACOTAR.

5 stars

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Blaze by Suzanne Wright

  1. I am so happy that you adored this book here darling. I just had a feeling you would. I was crossing my fingers you wouldn’t hate this series since I loved it so much. I did love the mystery in this book and I really love the hero, because even though he is alpha and possessive, he doesn’t try to change Harper. I do love that. Great review darling.


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