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Top 5 Wednesday #15; Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme in Goodreads, where you list your top 5 for the week’s chosen topic. You can check the group here for more discussions and topics.

This post contains some spoilers, especially for The Cruel Prince.

5. Locke (the cruel prince)

Locke is a fairy and while all fairies in this series act like assholes I never understood why Taryn chose him over her own sister.

He might act like he cares but he’s really manipulative. Locke was in a relationship with Taryn but then he played with Jude. Instead of breaking up with him Taryn let him play his games with Jude. I don’t think I’d want to be in a relationship with some like that, especially when they insist keeping our relationship as a secret.

4. Bill Compton (true blood)

Can someone explain to me how Sookie forgave this son of a bitch over and over again? I kinda get how she forgave him until season three finale happened. This was after he almost killed and raped her. I would’ve broken up with him so hard and never talk with him again.

3. Tamlin (acotar)

I never liked Tamlin. I know a lot of people liked him before reading book two but he bored me to death and all his need to control. He wanted to marry Feyre but decided to imprison her instead of letting her make her own decisions. That wasn’t enough of course and he made a deal with the devil to make her come back to him no matter if she wanted to or not.

2. Stefan Salvatore (the vampire diaries)

I’m not talking about Stefan Salvatore that dated Elena Gilbert since let’s face that that Stefan was amazing boyfriend. Stefan that used Katherine and Rebekah for sex or Stefan that dated Caroline on other hand…

Nothing you’re going to say about Stefan being in love with Caroline would convince me. If someone treated me like Stefan treated Caroline– I would have broken up with him forever ago. I definitely wouldn’t marry the guy that left me and had sex with his ex while sending “love letters” to me or if a guy told me that he didn’t see a future with me. These are only few reasons since I don’t want to bore you guys with details. He should’ve just done right by Caroline like he promised to Klaus.

1. Hardin Scott (after)

I don’t call many ships toxic but the relationship between Hardin and Tessa is probably the most toxic relationship I can think of. Tessa forgave Hardin way too many times during this series. After is very drama packed series but I probably couldn’t have even forgive him what he did after they slept together.

What love interests would you have broken up with? Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks?

20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #15; Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With

    1. Some of them are from TV shows, like Bill and Stefan. I never understood why some people prefer some of these love interests who clearly don’t care about their relationships enough.


    1. I haven’t read The Wicked King yet but I hope I’m going to like Cardan more than in the first book. I don’t think we saw enough of him in the first book for me to judge him yet.


  1. I totally agree with you on Bill Compton from what I saw of the show (I stopped watching after season 3 I believe)

    And completely agree with you about Stefan but I found him boring even in the beginning lolol, great list though!


    1. The only season of True Blood I’d want to rewatch is season 4 thanks to all the eric/sookie scenes we got.

      Yeah Stefan was pretty boring but I don’t like Damon either. I’m lad you enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Klaus and Caroline…forever my OTP. Stefan can get lost >.>

    Hmmm who would I break up can I say Jem and Tessa so I can have Jem for myself? xD Ooooooo Rose and Dimitri. It took me until book 6 before I was like, yeah they’re meant to be.


    1. Can you imagine that it’s canon that in the alternative universe Klaroline is married and enemies of the state? *cries* Stefan can’t even compare against Klaus.

      I used to love Rose and Dimitri but now I’m more meh about them. I might still be a bit mad about how Rose treated Adrian.

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  3. I’M SO HAPPY PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME ABOUT TESSA AND HARDIN!! I don’t understand why so many people like the series! The relationship was so abusive and I don’t care that there are romantic moments and Hardin is damaged 😡


  4. Oh Tamlin, shit yes. Wasn’t he a manipulative asshole. He was the fantasy version of Travis Maddox really. Violent when not getting his own way, manipulative, snatching a young woman from her family and home and keeping her in isolation. Serious Stockholm Syndrome going on there. I tried reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels years ago after someone recommended them to me. First and last time that I’ve bought an entire series all at once without reading at least book one first. I seen a few episodes of the show and it was mildly better but not by much. Le sigh, we should be able to have nice things.


    1. Oh no. I don’t even own the whole series and I liked them when I was a teenager. How many books did you finish? That happened with Grisha series to me. I bought all three books (and Six of Crows) and barely finished one.


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