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Tag: Out Of My Comfort Zone

oomcz tag

I was tagged by Sara @ The Bibliophagist. This tag was originally created by Emma @ emmmabooks on YouTube.

The only rule is: You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about… and then, you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

I decided to go with fantasy since that’s the genre I read most about.

1. A Book That Is An Exception When It Comes To Genres Or Elements You Don’t Typically Like

I don’t usually like young adult contemporary but I really enjoyed Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda. I really enjoyed Simon’s romance with Blue and they even became one of my favorite gay ships.

2. A Book You Enjoyed From A Genre You Previously Held Some Stigma Against

Believe it or not but I wasn’t big fan of romance when I was a teenager. I couldn’t even listen when one of my friends were feeling horny, so I chose to go with Adult Contemporary Romance. I think it was Fifty Shades of Grey that changed my mind and now I actually want to read more for this genre.

3. A Book You Didn’t Know Was Out Of Your Comfort Zone Until You Started Reading It

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. I thought it was regular book about witches but it was actually a mystery. I still liked it but what if I did not? Book’s synopsis should not mislead us readers.

4. Pick A Friend Who Motivates You To Pick Up Books You Might Not Normally Be Interested In – Is There A Book They Convinced You To Give A Try?

Renee @ Addicted To Romance got me to pick up Trust In Me by J. Lynn. It’s contemporary romance and it has friends to lovers trope which I most of the time hate. I liked it but not enough to continue the series.

5. A Book That Is Out of Your Comfort Zone, But You Would Like to Read

I can’t really think of any books. Most of the books I want to read even out of my comfort zone are fantasy books.

6. A Book/Genre So Outside Of Your Comfort Zone That You’ll Probably Never Give It A Chance

Non-fiction. Thinking about this genre makes me wanna fall asleep. It’s just not for me. The day I read one of these kind of books is the day one of my sister learns English and another one reads a book that’s not non-fiction.

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25 thoughts on “Tag: Out Of My Comfort Zone

  1. Oooh I loved Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda! I haven’t read The Wicked Deep though I got it for christmas last year and I’m planning on reading it soon (I’m pretty sure I say that about every book I mention)


  2. Great post! I love Simon so much! He’s such a nice and relatable and funny character. Becky Allbertalli does have a way with words. Have you read any of her other books?


  3. Simon and Blue are adorable!!! I don’t read much romance, especially YA contemporary, but it’s such a great book. and oof I didn’t realize either that The Wicked Deep is a mystery, glad to find out before I started reading it. absolutely agree, it sucks to be misled by the synopsis and marketing 😕

    I actually like nonfiction, though I only started really getting into it because my mom made a passing comment about the fact that I “only” read fiction 😅 memoirs/biographies tend to be more interesting to me, followed by well-written histories. but there are definitely lots of dry and boring nonfiction books, so it can definitely be a struggle to find good ones.


  4. I SO feel you with non-fiction.. biography, memoirs, urhh.. nope! Matt Haig’s reasons to stay alive has been my exception.

    Oh wow! I wouldve never guessed you were not into romance before ! (Also had to reread your phrase about listening to your friend discuss when they were horny because BOi. That didn’t processed well 😂 im sorry, im reading this late in the evening with a headache ahaha)


  5. I love challenges like these. This is how I finally broke out of my dystopian future reading rut a few years ago. I joined a reading challenge and started reading things I would never have normally picked. It was glorious and I have never looked back!


  6. “Book’s synopsis should not mislead us readers.”
    I WILL FOREVER DIE ON THIS HILL! Like honestly its not hard to tell us what the book is actually about without giving anything away. like hot damn.

    Thank you for the tag Jamsu!


  7. “Thinking about this genre makes me wanna fall asleep.” Wow, that’s a big mood, Jamsu! This sums up my thoughts about non-fiction perfectly. I’ll give it a try depending on the topic though, but most topics I avoid reading if it’s non-fiction.

    “Book’s synopsis should not mislead us readers.” I’ll die on this hill with Sam as well because I’m expecting one thing in a book but I end up with um… another thing that I don’t even like? Ick.


  8. Thanks for the tag lovely ❤ I'll read some non-fic but it really depends on what it's about and whether or not it interests me enough. Otherwise I'm likely to fall asleep too hehe


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