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I was tagged by Sam @ Fictionally Sam. I wanted to post this in January but I had so many reviews that here we finally go. This tag was originally on Youtube but Sam adapted it to blogging so shout out for her! I love talking about my TV obsessions.


1. Favorite shows?

I have so many of these including Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Shadowhunters, early seasons of Vampire Diaries, From Dusk Till Dawn, One Tree Hill etc.

2. Favorite genre?

Probably paranormal. I don’t know what it’s about these shows with supernatural elements I enjoy so much.

3. Least favourite show?

Any reality show. I can’t stand those shows for some reason.

Also 13 Reasons Why. I was so mad when it got the second season. I guess it’s having or had season three now. I’m not really sure and I don’t really care. Hannah had time to make 13 tapes for her bullies so she should have had time to make a tape to her parents also.

4. Most re-watched show/favourite show to binge watch?

I’ve rewatched Charmed every year since I was ten and Buffy since I was twelve. I think I’ll try not to watch them for few years, so I won’t know every single detail about them next time I’m watching them, hopefully.

5. Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

Binge-watching! I’m not patient enough to wait to see what happens after a cliffhanger. I might even lost interest of a show because I forget how good they are after having to wait for next episode.

I also like week-by-week since I get bored with some shows if I binge watch them.

6. Favorite television characters?

So this could be long, long list so here’s a few:

  • Kai Parker
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Kol Mikaelson
  • Chris Perry
  • Godric
  • Dean Winchester
  • Spike
  • Wesley Wyndam-Price
  • Paige Halliwell
  • Spencer Reid
  • Alec McDowell
  • Alexandra Udinov
7. Favorite television ships?

I’ve made a post about my favorite TV ships. You can read it here. I also have few new ships like Matthew and Diana from A Discovery Of Witches and Elliot and Quentin from The Magicians.

8. Show you could never get into?

Daredevil and Jessica Jones: Both of these shows just bored me. I think I stopped watching Daredevil after the first season but I couldn’t even finish the first season of Jessica Jones.

Orange Is The New Black: I tried watching the pilot twice.

The Walking Dead: I was never even interest trying to watch the pilot. The trailer just didn’t peek my interest.

9. Show you fell out of love with?

The Originals: This show had so much potential and it had many problems like my hatred for Cami and Hayley but after finding out what happened in the season five finale I’m not even interested in watching season 4.

 Supergirl: I loved season two so much but then I hear that Mon-el and Winn left the show. Those two were the soul of the show for me. I could start watching it again if either of them or Cat came back.

True Blood: I waited Sooric to happen for seven years and we only got one season? Then the way show ended? If I’m ever going to rewatch the show I’ll probably just watch season four.

10. Cancelled too soon?

Dark Angel: The show was getting better and better before they cancelled it. I was waiting Max and Alec to happen which was probably impossible but they were going to war.

Dollhouse: Another good show that only got two seasons. I would’ve like to see more to what was happening.

Tru Calling: Another show starring Eliza Dushku. I’d have oved to see how this Tru vs. Jack thing would’ve gone to and what Harrison’s dad’s plans were for him. Most of all I would’ve just loved to see Tru and Harrison more since I love their relationship.

11. Guilty pleasure show?

I don’t think I have one? I’m not ashamed of any of the shows I watch.

12. What are you currently watching?

Dark Angel, Shadowhunters, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time, Krypton, Vikings and The Magicians.

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20 thoughts on “Tag: The Television Tag

      1. I didn’t care about any other heretic. I’m still mad at the writers saying he’s not able to be redeemed since if it weren’t for Bonnie he would’ve been.

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  1. yay for no TV shame! I’m here for just owning what you love (in every sense of the word, lol … I’ve been wanting to start a DVD/digital collection). “I’m not really sure and I don’t really care” is such a big mood for 13RW, people have been saying that the alleged-rep actually sucks so there are ethical problems in addition to any flaws in the story/filmography/etc. I haven’t seen a ton of the ones on your list, especially since I haven’t watched much TV lately, but I’ll definitely have to check some of them out … if I ever find a bit of free time again 😅


    1. A lot of shows in this tag are from the 90s or early 2000s. I feel like these days they just cancel all the good shows while shows like 13RW, Legacies and Charmed reboot are renewed.

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  2. Dark Angel hands down was cancelled too soon, I will go down on this hill. I also was waiting for Max and Alec to happen, like I liked Max with Logan but even in Season 1 I just wanted her with Zak oopsies.


  3. I 1000% agree with you on Tru Calling and Dollhouse getting cancelled way too soon! I was so surprised Fox renewed Dollhouse for a second season, but then they moved it to Friday and killed it in s2 and I lowkey wish they cancelled it after the first season. The unaired 13th episode wrapped things up better than the way s2 was.


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