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Audio Book Review: Closer by Alexa Riley


Closer by Alexa Riley 
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary | Romance | Erotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Audiobook
Source: Read Me Romance
Published on November 5th 2018
Alexa Riley: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
might contain spoilers

Ava fudged a little on her résumé to land her dream job. She’s been working her curvy booty overtime to get her boss’s new lingerie line off the ground. But when her boss’s brother comes in and says Ava should be the face—and body—of the campaign, she’s having second thoughts. Lucas knows what he wants, and the second he sees every lush inch of Ava all bets are off. She’s not only the one for the job but the one for him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see it. Warning: This obsessed hero doesn’t hold back, and we were more than happy to let him take the reins. Find out what happens when the thick girl gets the alpha and things really heat up!

I listened to this through the Read Me Romance podcast which I wouldn’t even know that existed if Ruby @ Ruby’s Books hadn’t told me about it. This is my first audiobook since I can’t even remember when. I was a little afraid to listen the audibooks because of my hearing. I always hear things wrong, so I always have subtitles on when watching Netflix.

The voices made me giggle at first, probably because it was so foreign to listen an audiobook. I don’t think that erotic book was helping with things. The female voice even sounded a little robotic at first but I started liking them in the end. I think the male should’ve said all the male parts and vise versa instead of them trying to change their own voices accordingly.

Lucas’ family means everything to him and he’d do everything for them. He’s a billionaire and he has no time for dating. The only thing he worries about is that his sister and mother are taken care of.

Eva doesn’t feel any attraction towards guys but then she sees picture of her boss’ brother. She even called him a God. I’m glad she said no to him when she thought he was only going to use her. I could agree with Eva so much when she talked about scale never changing, so it was better to just enjoy things she enjoyed.

The romance might feel little rushed since it’s erotic novella. Those who have read Alexa Riley before– they always wrote about a curvy girl (since that’s what they know) that meets a hot man who can’t wait to explore her curves, usually a billionaire. Closer is no different. I like how this book shows that you do’t need to sleep with a guy you have been crushing over forever just because he shows an interest in you. Eva made Lucas show her that he really wants her.

I think they’re trying to get people to buy eBooks by not adding epilogue to the audiobook. It felt a little unfinished for me because of that. It could be because I haven’t read Alexa Riley’s novella’s so long and got used to full novels while reading Shattered and For Her series but I felt like this was over too quickly.

4 stars

4 thoughts on “Audio Book Review: Closer by Alexa Riley

  1. oooooh books that leave you wanting are simultaneously the best and worst kind of frustrating! the change (or lack thereof) in voices has always been one of my problems with audiobooks, since most of the ones I’ve listened to have been single-narrator, so it’s good to know it’s not just me; but I’m glad you could enjoy this book anyway!


  2. Those issues with the voices is the one thing that’s held me back from trying audiobooks. I always find that they don’t get people who sound like I think they’d sound like. I hope you can enjoy more if you liked listening to this one 🙂 shame about the lack of an epilogue


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