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Book Review: Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss


Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss 
Series:  Bad Billionaire, #1
Genre: Erotica | Romance  | Contemporary
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: eBook, 201 pages
Published on October 19th 2016 by Five Doors Creative
Julie Kriss: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

I’m no one. A mechanic. A getaway driver. A thief. I was born on the streets, and I like it rough — life, sex, everything. My job is dirty. My past is dirty. So is my future. Until I get out of prison and discover I’ve inherited a billion dollars. I’m not a good billionaire. I don’t care about penthouses, fancy dinners, or private jets. I don’t care about life and death. Hell, I don’t even care about money. I’m willing to spend every penny of it on one thing. Find the woman who gave me one unforgettable night before I went down. The woman who is too good for me. The woman I can never have. Find her. Get revenge on the man that hurt her. And make her mine.

It’s amazingly difficult to find a good book about a small town or bad boy when you need one for a reading challenge. I picked this one up because it sounded different from all the billionaire books I’ve read before.

I actually thought that Devon had no idea who Olivia was after reading that synopsis but they were actually neighbors who had a thing for each other before finally acting on their feelings– but then Devon went to prison and Olivia had no idea what happened to him.

“Maybe my boyfriend is a cop.”
“You don’t have a boyfriend,” Devon said. “Unless he’s invisible.”

It was different from what I thought it was going to be like but I still quite enjoyed reading it, even though I didn’t always understand Olivia like how she was so surprised when police came asking questions about Devon. Erotica books that I usually pick up are usually 85% sex scenes so I’m glad this wasn’t one of them. It had them also but Olivia actually wanted to know Devon better instead of only having sex with him.


4 stars

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