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Double Book Review: Firewalker + Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini


Firewalker by Josephine Angelini 
Series: Worldwalker, #2
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal
Age Range: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on September 1st 2015 by Feiwel & Friends
Josephine Angelini: Website | Twitter | Goodreads


Worlds divide, magic slays, and love lies in the second book of Josephine Angelini’s The Worldwalker Trilogy.
“You think I’m a monster, but my choices, as ruthless as they seem, are justified.”
Lily is back in her own universe, and she’s ready to start a new life with Rowan by her side. True, she almost died in the Pyre that fueled their escape from New Salem, and must hide her magic for the safety of everyone she cares about, but compared to fighting the Woven, the monstrous creatures inhabiting the alternate Salem, life is looking pretty good.
Unfortunately, Lillian, ruthless ruler of the 13 Cities, is not willing to let Lily go that easily. If she can’t persuade Lily to return to her world, she will force her to come back by doing away with the ones she loves.
Picking up right where Trial By Fire left off, Firewalker is another sexy, fast-paced, heartbreaking thrill ride from internationally bestselling author Josephine Angelini!

I don’t have much to say about the second book of Worldwalker series. I loved book one so much but I just found this lacking?

The good thing about this book is that Angelini isn’t forcing any love triangle drama in this series and I don’t really understand why Rowan did what he did but there must be a reason– I refuse to accept anything else. I don’t really know if anything can make up for what he did but let me just stay in my little fantasy world until I read the next book, OK? Maybe things could’ve been different if Lily had told the truth when she was alone with him instead in front of like everybody.

How about Tristan’s love for Lily? I’m supposed to believe that he loves her after that little flashback? No– just no.

Things were slow, very slow while they were in Lily’s “real” world. I like Lily’s friends but I don’t understand how almost every character she saw in that world suddenly had potential?

I’m just hoping than the third and last book makes up for this one. I just felt often like… was this book even necessary or could Angelini have just written duology instead of trilogy?

2 stars

Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini 
Series: Worldwalker, #3
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal
Age Range: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on September 20th 2016 by Feiwel & Friends
Josephine Angelini: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Lily Proctor has come a long way from the weak, sickly girl she used to be. She has gained power as a witch and a leader, found her way home, chosen to face battle again, and (after losing her first love and being betrayed by her new love) she has learned more about loss and grief than she ever wanted to know. Thrust once again into a society different from anything they have ever seen, Lily and her coven are determined to find answers―to find a new path to victory, a way to defeat the monstrous Woven without resorting to nuclear weapons or becoming a tyrannical mass murderer like her alternate self, Lillian. But sometimes winning requires sacrifices . . . and when the only clear path to victory lies at Lillian’s side, what price will Lily be willing to pay?

I liked this one better than the second book but I’m not that sure I ever even want to reread this series. It was good but I expected more of it. I didn’t really have that many thought about it.

Luckily this one didn’t bore me to death and we got a lot of action. We got some good moments and I even laughed a time or two but it just didn’t give me that feeling of goodness as the first book did. The series had so much potential and I wish Angelini would’ve used it.

We finally found out why Rowan did what he did in book two but I it still left me questions like happened after the war? I wish we had seen some kind of look in the future in the epilogue instead of what really happened in the epilogue.

I’m still wondering where is Lily’s world’s Rowan? Is he alive and happy?

I thought three stars was the perfect rating since I didn’t love it nor did I hate it. I honestly didn’t have much any feelings towards it when I finished it. It’s not like I had hard time reading it like with the second book.

3 stars

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