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I wasn’t tagged into this one but I don’t know if you have noticed but I love this book series a lot. This tag was created by BookTubing Amy. I don’t really know how I ended up finding her video but anyways– in this tag she listed character names from the series and their characteristics. I’m trying to name other male characters based on them.


Wrath – Leader Of The Team

I don’t really have any good characters to this one. For some reason all the leaders that I can think of are females but I chose to go with Aaron Warner from Shatter Me. He’s a chief commander and ruled Sector 45 with an iron fist.

Rhage – The Beast With A Big Heart

I love these kind of books but I had hard time thinking of one! But then I remembered Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles. Wolf can turn into– surprise surprise a wolf. He would do anything for Scarlet and couldn’t even function without her.

Zsadist – Character With The Bad Background

There’s so many characters with bad background, but I decided to go with Prosper Redding from The dreadful Tale Of Prosper Redding, Not only does he get stuck with demon inside of him but he grew up with a terrible grandmother. Prosper even thought his grandmother was going to poison him when she was acting nice. Prosper was always there for his sister when she was sick but even she started treading him badly when she got better and became popular.

Butch – Thrust Into The World

I agree with Amy’s pick on Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments but I’m going to choose Ian O’Shea from The Host. Ian was living the normal life until the aliens started taking over the world and he beame one of the few people not taken over by a soul.

Vishous – Into BDSM

This pick shouldn’t be a surprise based on my Fifty Shades Of Grey reread; Christian Grey.

Phury – A Virgin Or A Twin

I decided to go with a virgin: Ehd from Transcendence. This is a book I have yet to get too tired of rereading. Ehd lost his family a long time ago and haven’t seen anyone since then… especially a girl until Beth shows up.

Rehvenge – A Pimp Or Very Stylish

I decided to go with Gideon Cross from Crossfire series. He’s a business man, so of course he’s stylish. I reread the first book this year but I think I’m really in a need of rereading the whole series.

Thorment – Second In Command

Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments was never really taking charge of things. Instead he kinda did what Jace wanted him and instead just did everything he could to keep Jace and Izzy safe.

John Matthew – Character With No Parents

Patch Cipriano from Hush Hush has no parents. He’s a fallen angel, so unless you count God as a parent…?

Qhuinn – Rejected By Their Family

Azriel from ACOTAR. His stepmother kept him in a box and only let him visit her mother an hour/ a day. Azriel’s half brother on other hand scarred his hands and his father tried separating him from Rhys and others.

Blaylock – A Supportive Family

James Herondale from Tales From Shadowhunter Academy is the son of Will Herondale and Tessa Grey. James was worried about her mother’s reaction about him getting bullied for being part demon, like her. Will wanted him to be friends with Alastair Carstairs because of Jem but he still supported him being friends with Matthew instead.

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16 thoughts on “Tag: Black Dagger Brotherhood

  1. My Girlfriend just got me into the Blackdagger Brotherhood series and I love it! Might have to do this tag after blogmas lol


  2. Wolf is definitely the beast with a soft heart, he’s no Thorne but is my second favourite Lunar Chronicles character


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