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Books That Surprised Me

It has been so long since I made a discussion post but here I am, talking about books that surprised me. These are not in any kind of order.


Here’s one of my favorite books at the moment. I thought that I wouldn’t like Carry On since I found fanfiction parts of Fangirl so boring and Harry Potter fans kept comparing it to, you know, Harry Potter. Many people love HP and I get why but I’m not one of them.

Anyways, I really enjoyed Carry On. I’m so glad I saw some Snowbaz fanart that made me start it.


You guys may or may not know this but I only own like maybe three young adult contemporary books. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to read it but then I someone’s review about how it disappointed them because it was more romance than about superheroes. You can read more about my thought about my thought in my review here.


I wish I had read these books as a kid, or any Rick Riordan book. They’re so amazing and even me (girl who usually hates books without romance) loved it. I was never going to read it because of the lack of romance but thankfully some people in Facebook group made me give them a chance.


I think I already mentioned in my review here but I have been trying to find good books about witches forever. Trial By Fire’s synopsis sounded so good but so does other books’ that I end up disliking and even DNF’ing but this one was amazing and I can’t wait to read book two.


I can’t tell you how much this book surprised me. Besides Rick Riordan books I haven’t enjoyed middle grade books but this was so good. It was in my TBR forever until I finally decided to give it a chance since it has a demon and synopsis was so good. You can read my review here. This book became my favorite Bracken book. Before starting this one I read Passenger and a little while ago I finished Wayfarer.


I don’t really remember much about Cinder but I really enjoyed it back in 2015 or 2016. I had problems with continuing Scarlet, though. I was just so disappointed when it wasn’t in Cinder’s POV and I was dying to know what happened to her. Finally I decided to buy a physical copy and suddenly it wasn’t so hard to read and I even ended up liking it more than Cinder.


I don’t really remember what got me to read this series but I think I saw some Rowaelin fanart in Pinterest. I did have my doubts since I knew that Rowan didn’t appear until book three and I was afraid of getting attached to Aelin’s earlier love interests or finding the plot boring. I did really enjoy ACOTAR, so I decided to give the series a chance. I was surprised how much I started to enjoy it.

People usually either hate or love this series. I used to I wouldn’t say love but really enjoyed the series but the fandom has made me like it less. I don’t even have the hurry of buying the last book. I’m just tired of those “how can you like Rowan?” comments.


Truth to be told I didn’t like SImon or Sizzy before I read this book and because I thought the whole book was in Simon’s POV I wasn’t planning on ever reading this. But then I was visiting a friend who lives five hours away from me. I had already finished all the books I had with me and then I saw this one in local book store and it was like it was whispering me to buy it, so I did. I ended up enjoying it so much– and the ending killed me. It also made me crave more Malec, James Herondale and George Lovelace.


I read the first book after so many Klaroline fans told me how much certain couple reminded them of Klaroline. I read it and I was meh about it but decided to give book two a chance. I know many people liked Tamlin in book one but I was not one of them. I know how much people loved Feysand but I was surprised how much a difference they did to the series.


I don’t really know what made me buy these books since I had never read adult fiction before. I just saw them in a grocery store and even though they were pretty expensive since they had just came out I wanted to try them. These days the whole inner goddess thing can be so annoying but I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying the series.

If you haven’t read any books for adult audience before I would not start with this one lol.

Which books surprised you?

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7 thoughts on “Books That Surprised Me

    1. I know, right! I didn’t want to list books that surprised me in a bad way since I have already talked about some of them in my blog *cough* Harry Potter and Six Of Crows *cough*


  1. Great post! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Throne of Glass series too, though I wouldn’t say I love it either (and I still haven’t read the last two books). And I was even more surprised by how much I loved ACOMAF. Everyone says it so much better than ACOTAR, but I didn’t really think it would be *that* much better. It’s one of the few times the hype was 100% accurate to me.


  2. Carry On was such a pleasant surprise to me too! And dude, ACOMAF is probably my fav YA book EVER. The complete 180 from book 1 to 2 was carried out SO WELL and was so unexpected. I seriously cannot with how nicely she handled it.


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