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Book Review: Muffin Top by Tabatha Kiss


Muffin Top by Tabatha Kiss 
Series: Sweet Cravings, #1
Genre: Contemporary | Romance
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 280 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on October 1st 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Tabatha Kiss: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

She walked into my bakery
and my dough wasn’t the only thing rising… 
Long legs, a big chest, and perfect, round buns. I’d give anything to roll with her and that adorable muffin top she’s packing. There’s just one problem…and that’s the Irish mob jerk who thinks he owns her. To hell with that. If she’s gonna have a bun in her oven… it’s gonna be mine. He’s a bad boy with a bakery. She’s a BBW with a bar. Muffin Top. It’s a love story… with a twist!

I think this is the third time reading this book and for the first time I didn’t feel like giving it five stars. There’s nothing really wrong with it but it has like 170 pages and it took me about three days to finish it.

Evey and Vincent’s love story was cute insta love even though it took a year for them to act on it. Evey didn’t think Vincent even knew her name and he didn’t think he deserved to be happy. I love how Vincent always saved that one blueberry muffin for her.

Evey is relatable character for me. She’s curvy but she can’t cook to safe a life. She’s even worse cook than me since she mentioned that she’d burn microwave mac and cheese. How did she live then? With take outs?

There was also one fact that made me relate to Vincent. He’s allergic to cats.

I didn’t really understand his sister in this book. She loves his brother, yes but she’s also a cop. Anna should’ve cared more about the mob and not act like Evey’s life didn’t matter just because his brother wanted to keep her safe. Aren’t you risking your life in your job since you’re you know… a cop?

4 stars


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Muffin Top by Tabatha Kiss

  1. Great review here! I often find that after re-reading a book, my opinion about it changes quite a lot. I loved The Mortal Instruments when I first read it for instance, and I still love it, but after re-reading it last year I realized there were many inconsistencies and the writing was surprisingly weak at times. Or maybe I just grew as a reader :/


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