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October Wrap Up


That’s the end of my birth month (thank you so much to everyone who graduated me!) and #blogoween.

Book Haul
      • The Ancient Magus Bride, Vol. 2 by Kore Yamazaki
      • The Warrior’s Touch by Michelle Willingham
      • The Dreadful Tale Of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken
Read Books
Posts I Love From Other People
      • Dani put winter prompts up and I just love them! Also she’s having a giveaway.
      • I loved Kristina’s costume post. Her dogs were especially cute in their little costumes!
      • Sepiareads tells us all the characters she’d like to curse in her post.
      • Vanessa explains in her post why she reads books rated 3ish stars.
      • Lauren talks about vampires in her post.
      • Clo wrote about alternative ending for ACOWAR. Also shout out for finally doing my bloodlines tag!
      • Tiffay reviewed Caraval and The Cruel Prince.
      • Kal did this prompt in a smart way! First she thought what she’d need when zombie Apocalypse comes (like a doctor) and then a character that fits that need!


I spend my birthday with my best friend in the whole world. She’s very busy these days, so it meant a lot that she came to celebrate my 23rd birthday with me and even spend the night! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of all the goodies we ate, like that chocolate cheesecake I made with my mom. I got her permission to post this pic of us below.



I didn’t get a lot of gifts but I did get The Wicked Deep from one of my sisters and 15€ gift card (like the next day after I already ordered book lol) from my other book. I love how all my gifts were book related since I rarely get books as a gift.

I didn’t only finish our buddy read with my parabatai aka Demi but I also buddy read The Wicked Deep with Kal! Hopefully Demi soon wants to read The Darkest Elements with me. I’d love to reread that series. Talking about The Darkest Elements… I won the first book in a giveaway by Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany

We don’t really celebrate holiday but I did dress up with my sister. My costume was inspired by someone on twitter saying I looked like Feyre from ACOTAR series when I still had red hair. My sister on other hand dressed up as a vampire.





10 thoughts on “October Wrap Up

  1. aww Thank you for including my costume post ! it’s really sweet :]

    Happy you had a nice birthday !! I feel ya, my bestfriend isn’t busy as much BUT she’s a 3hour drive away from me xD so we don’t see each other often though we do speak every day (or mostly). Awww a fae and a vampire !! works so great together !!


  2. WOW Jamsu! Your costume is so, so good! I knew right away who you were, I love bookish costumes. And thank you for shouting out the meme! I wish I would give everyone a book, in any case good luck (hope you entered the giveaway!) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is around this time of year too!! It’s so great when you can spend it with family and friends you love. ❤️


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