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Halloween In A Fictional World


Today’s prompt is “pick any fictional world that you’d love to experience halloween in”. This prompt is by Clo @ Book Dragons.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been my favorite show since I was like 12 so no wonder Sunnydale is the first fictional world I can think of. Some others did come to my mind, like Morganville, Bon Temps, Mystic Falls etc but…

I’d want to experience Halloween in Sunnydale. I have read some fanfiction where Buffy or Spike travel back in time, sometimes even for one of Halloween episodes to fix things up. I’d like to travel back in time like for season 2 Halloween and just make those two people see that they’re meant to be!

Is it so wrong that I want my OTP to have their HEA?

It would be just fun to see what the difference it would’ve been if in season two Buffy had dressed up as something different, like a vampire? We all know that wouldn’t have been enough since she was so in love with Angel but maybe if there was someone (aka me) showing Buffy that Angel isn’t as amazing as she thinks he is and maybe there’s some other vampire that would be more suited for her?

Sure, there would be dangers like Dru getting a vision about me and killing me, or maybe making Spike kill me but she could also break up with Spike earlier than in canon. Let’s not even forget the fact that those kids were turned into monsters. I wouldn’t have a chance!

Spike might’ve not realized it but he totally had feeling for Buffy back then. I mean come on the way he was looking at her when they met. Not only that but he was obsessed over her but still somehow never managed to kill her?

I could of course do some other things, like make sure Willow and Xander never happened. I loved Willow and Tara but I also liked her with Oz and I just don’t want them to break up. Hopefully Xander would find someone better suited for him than Cordelia. I still don’t get how they were together in the first place?

Hopefully Angel would leave Sunnydale earlier than in canon after Spuffy finally got together. Maybe he’d leave to LA early or maybe he’d help Faith? The slayer who actually needs his help. This way he’d never turn back to Angelus and do all those bad things, like kill Giles’ girlfriend.

Don’t get me wrong I love Angelus! I actually like him a lot more than Angel but he wasn’t good for anyone, except maybe Darla. Maybe he could bring Darla back and bring up havoc with her somewhere… that’s not in Sunnydale?

I have mixed feelings, OK?

What did you think about this? What fictional world would you want to experience Halloween in?


9 thoughts on “Halloween In A Fictional World

  1. Ooooo interesting, I like this idea a lot. Though I do love Angel, I’m just like Spuffy. Hehe, Spike and Buffy are everything hehe


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