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Bonded, Bewitched, Drowned


Today’s prompt is “Halloween version of Kiss Marry Kill with your favorite characters” I decided to add some names in a jar and pick names up. This prompt is by Sam @ Fictionally Sam.

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Round #1
  • Characters: Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles), Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments) and Frank (Percy Jackson)
  • Bonded: Wolf — he’d do anything for me
  • Bewitched: Alec Lightwood — he’s gay so I can’t bond with him
  • Drowned: Frank — Sorry Frank. Maybe Percy could save you?
Round #2
  • Characters: Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles), Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood) and Percy Jackson
  • Bonded: Wrath — who wouldn’t want to bond with him?
  • Bewitched: Thorne — He just belongs with Cress
  • Drowned: Percy Jackson — it’s not like drowning him would work
Round #3
  • Characters: Patch Cipriano (Hush Hush), Rhage (Black Dagger Brotherhood) and Alex (Magnus Chase)
  • Bonded: Patch — I remember loving him sm when I was like 12
  • Bewitched: Rhage
  • Drowned: Alex — I’d be too confused with the whole gender changing thing
Round #4
  • Characters: Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines), Noah Shaw (Mara Dyer Trilogy) and Magnus Chase
  • Bonded: Adrian Ivashkov– Is anyone surprised really?
  • Bewitched: Magnus Chase — I just love his wit.
  • Drowned: Noah Shaw — I can’t finish his spin off at the moment so let’s just drown him 😀
Round #5
  • Characters: Ian (The Host), Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles) and Tyson (Percy Jackson)
  • Bonded: Ian — he’s so sweet
  • Bewitched: Tyson — I felt so bad for him. Thankfully he has Ella now.
  • Drowned: Scarlet — I like her but I’d still rather bewitch Tyson
Round #6
  • Characters: Rowan (Throne Of Glass), Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices) and Simon (Simon Vs. Homo sapiens Agenda)
  • Bonded: Will Herondale — My second husband
  • Bewitched: Rowan — I’d love to bewitch him
  • Drowned: Simon — Sorry, Simon.
Round #7
  • Characters: George Lovelace (Tales From Shadowhunter Academy), Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments) and Tessa Grey (The Infernal Devices)
  • Bonded: George Lovelace — George deserves the world
  • Bewitched: Tessa Grey — we could talk about books
  • Drowned: Isabelle Lightwood — She’s the worst cook and I love food
Round #8
  • Characters: Luc (Lux), Loki (Trylle Trilogy) and Eric Northman (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)
  • Bonded: Loki — I don’t have words how much I love Loki.
  • Bewitched: Eric Northman — He’s a vampire so it’s not like we could have HEA. Still he’s hot viking.
  • Drowned: Luc — I can’t believe I just drowned Luc *cries*
Round #9
  • Characters: Rhysand (A Court Of Thorns And Roses), Sydney Sage (Bloodlines) and Roth (The Dark Elements)
  • Bonded: Roth — who doesn’t want a demon wishing they had a soul so they’d be worthy of me?
  • Bewitched: Rhysand — He already has a mate but I’d totally kiss him.
  • Drowned: Sydney — I love Adrian so I’m sorry for him but you know Rhys and Roth.
Round #10
  • Characters: Baz (Carry On), Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments) ad Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)
  • Bonded: Warner — You’ve read the books, right?
  • Bewitched: Baz — he’d be pain in the ass until he finally admitted his feelings. I don’t have patience for all that.
  • Drowned: Jace — It has been years so I don’t know how much I’d love him now vs teenage me
Round #11
  • Characters: Daemon Black (Lux), James Herondale (Tales From Shadowhunter Academy) and Nico Di Angelo (Percy Jackson)
  • Bonded: Daemon — I just reread the books and he’d be just amazing bonded.
  • Bewitched: James — He’s such a sweetie.
  • Drowned: Nico — he’d just be a little too young for me. Also he’s son of Hades. What’s the worse that could happen?

Want to join in with some of your favorite characters? What would be your answer to some of these rounds?


12 thoughts on “Bonded, Bewitched, Drowned

  1. I love this tag, I’m going to do it soon! I LOVE Adrian, he was my first serious book boyfriend. Now I’m obsessed with Lazlo Strange. This is a cool way to do this, names in a jar. I like the twist you added to the prompt! I might borrow it if that’s okay!!


    1. Unfortunately I can’t take the credit! Sam changed it from kiss, marry, kill to bonded, bewitched, drowned. You should tag her when you post it! I would love to see that post too.

      I don’t know Lazlo Strange. Is he like Adrian?


      1. I know, it’s part of blogoween, but your twist on using the hat is new isn’t it?

        Lazlo Strange and Adrian are NOTHING alike, but basically the only two “book boyfriends” that I ever had. Lazlo is like… he was a librarian, he was a dreamer. I mean he’s like a book nerd with an adventure side. Part of what made Strange the Dreamer an amazing novel is that the writing is so amazing and the whole book is so imaginative. There is a reason it won science fiction/fantasy of the year. While Adrian is more the type that I usually date, cocky, funny and charismatic, Lazlo is the guy that I deserve.


      2. I don’t know if other people used jar but I thought it was more interesting because the I couldn’t pick easy characters to choose from (: Also I loved doing multiple rounds until there was no more characters left in my jar.

        I have never read Strange the Dreamer. I’ve heard it’s hard to get into since the beginning is so slow. Lazlo sounds amazing, though.


      3. I love Laini Taylor’s writing, so I would definitely give it a chance. It’s slow, but honestly it didn’t matter to me because it was so good. I wanted it to be longer if anything.


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