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Today’s prompt is “Characters You’d Like To Dress Up As In Halloween” This prompt is the first prompt I’m hosting! 🙂

Feyre Archeron

This is actually the one I’m planning to dress as this Halloween. You’ll need a fancy dress (I’m planning on using my graduation dress), fairy ears, curled hair, flower band and then all you need is to draw Feyre’s tattoo in your hand.

Izzy Lightwood

I really loved dressing as a shadowhunter few years ago and I had a lot of fun even drawing runes to my sister. She had no idea what they were of course since she doesn’t read but she thought they were really cool.

You’ll need black clothes (or little white dress), Izzy Lightwood necklace but any necklace is fine if you don’t own one and then you need to draw some runes.

Annabeth Chase

All you need is camp half-blood shirt, cap, jean shorts (or regular jeans since it’s cold outside) and some sneakers. Annabeth also keeps her hair up.

Sydney Sage

Sydney Sage is pretty easy one. All you need is red dress and drawing her golden lily tattoo to your cheek.

For her every day look you can wear a cross necklace and business casual clothing in solid colors, like white, off-white, beige, gray, peach, tan, and occasionally black. Sydney often wears khaki. Sydney loves coffee (vanilla latte), so you can complete the look with a cup of coffee.

What characters would you like to dress up as in Halloween?


17 thoughts on “Shapeshifter

  1. Great topic, is it ok if I borrow this idea? I would love to dress up as Stephanie Plum(Janet Evanovich). Just a casual bounty hunter look. I’d think that job would be so cool.

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