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Loving The Monsters Always Ends Badly For The Human


Today’s prompt was “Exploring and recommending my favourite creatures – vampires!” This prompt was made by Lauren @ Northern Plunder.

But because I have recommended books with vampires here I’m going to list my favorite vampires. This would’ve been so much easier if I had done this with TV characters. I could’ve done this list with The Vampire Diaries characters alone but I wanted to have some challenge.

I decided not to add Spike even though he’s in comics since he’s mainly a TV character.

5. Edward Cullen (Twilight)

Edward Cullen isn’t a character I’d call proper vampire but I still like him. I know these books and even he is problematic but I still like him.

4. Eric Northman (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)

I DNF’d this series years ago after I found out what the ending was. I have no self control so I sometimes often read spoilers about books.

Where were we? Oh yes. Eric Northman is 1000- years old vampire. He owns his own bar called Fangtasia and he’s a vampire sheriff of Area 5. Eric can fly besides normal vampire abilities.

3. Tyrannus “Baz” Basilton Grimm-Pitch (Carry On)

Don’t you just love his name? It makes him sound decades old instead of being born in 1998.

I don’t remember Rainbow Rowell talking much about Baz being a vampire besides how he was turned and I think there was some mentions about sunlight.

2. Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

There’s so many characters in this series that I’d like to put in this list, like Rhage but I just love Wrath so much. Wrath is blind, king of the vampires, leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the last pure-blood Vampire.

He didn’t want to be a king but he had to step up after making a deal with Scribe Virgin.

1. Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines)

If I had written this post about how well vampires are written instead of how much I love these characters Adrian wouldn’t have been the first one in the list and I just couldn’t do that to my baby.

Adrian needs to avoid sunlight and drinks blood. Besides that and his spirit powers he’s pretty ordinary guy.

What characters are your favorite vampires?


18 thoughts on “Loving The Monsters Always Ends Badly For The Human

  1. This just makes me realized that I don’t read much vampire-ish books even though I like vampires! I think my favorite vampire is Raphael Santiago.. 😶


  2. Adriannnn so precious, I think my fav vampires would be (in no particular order cause that’s effort) Adrian, Myrnin, Damon, Merit & Ethan….I could keep going but we’d be a while haha


      1. HOLD UP when did you read Morganville and why have we never talked about this before? Or have we? xD yassss his slippers make me laugh


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