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Discussion: Books I Thought I’d Love Because Of The Hype


I thought I’d reveal some books I bought/ read because of the hype but ended up not loving them. I didn’t hate all of these books but because of the hype I was expecting more of them. I don’t mention hyped books I ended up reading and later found out they’re hyped up.

1. Harry Potter

I think that we can all agree that this is one of the most loved book series, like ever. The movies were like my absolute favorite movies when I first saw them as a kid. I got the first movie as a Christmas present when I was seven, so I grew up with them.

I didn’t really start read books that much until I was like twelve I think but because I loved these movies I tried to give them a chance but couldn’t finish even one of them until I had a ‘race’ with a classmate to see which one of us would finish first.

It was after 5th movie came out. I remember because we were reading Half Blood Prince. I finished it like a day after he did but I read the whole book, so I was really happy about doing that.

For years I told everyone that I’ll never try the series again.

Then this summer I was walking through thrift shop and there were all Harry Potter books only in 25€ and in a bookstore one book costs that much. So I couldn’t stop myself from buying them. I succeeded to read three first books before putting the series on hold.

I might finish this series one day…

2. Grisha trilogy and Six Of Crows

I remember seeing one of my mutuals talking about these series in twitter and I was like “I want to read them too”. Then I brought Sic Of Crows with me when I visited my friend who lives five hours away. She owns hardcover of the same book, so we thought we would read them together.

In the end we gave up with it. I don’t remember why she didn’t finish it… maybe because we were both confused af. It’s not that I hated the plot or something. It was just so confusing with all the characters being introduced at once and there wasn’t any explanation for these words the author was using, so I just thought it wasn’t worth it.

After hundred pages I just gave up.

Then the same person kept hyping Nikolai from Grisha trilogy up, so I thought I’d love him as much as I do Adrian. I ordered all three books but only finished the first one and it didn’t even have Nikolai yet. I guess he doesn’t appear until book two but I gave book one only one star. So, I don’t think I’ll continue the series.

Now I just want to unhaul all these books.

3. Covenant

I decided to read this after seeing them been all hyped up in a bookish group in Facebook. I had just finished Percy Jackson and I was loving idea of reading another book series about mythology. It’s Jennifer L. Armentrout’s book, so I was sure I was going to love it since I love her Luc and The Dark Elements series.

I ordered Half-Blood and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. So far I had loved all of her books but I felt like I was reading Vampire Academy 2.0 but without vampires. I didn’t even care about any of the characters so much, so after finishing the first book I decided not to continue the series.

4. Delirium

I think this was after I read the first Hunger Games book, so it has been forever since I read it. I decided to read it after seeing someone making a fanvideo about this book.

I remember just being meh about it and then reading some spoilers before deciding that it’s not worth it.

5. A Discovery Of Witches

This one was a pretty recent read. I think I gave this like three stars?

I saw a trailer about the TV show and it looked pretty good. I think I mentioned it in one of the discord chats. Everyone was saying how good it was and that I should read it. I thought that the hardcover was too expensive, so I decided to loan it from library.

I just found the plot a little slow and I didn’t find the vampire that amazing. I grew up with characters that are vampires, so I thought he’d be swoon worthy character.

6. Illuminae

I feel like I saw this book everywhere I looked last year. It was pretty cheap in Adlibris and I watched a lot of Booktubers praising it, so I decided to order the first book.

I was a little scared of hating the writing style but that was actually my favorite thing about this book. The plot was pretty interesting too but I feel like I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I didn’t really care about the romance.

6. Caraval

I’m not even sure if this one should be in this list. Yes, I expected more of it but I think I finished this in a day.

I don’t remember where we were going but we were going to Helsinki with our class. During the buss ride I don’t think I did anything but read this.

I liked Scarlet somewhat but I hated her sister and I didn’t really understand what was so great about the romance in this book.

Do you agree with any of these? What books you bought/ decided to read because of the hype but were disappointed with?


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23 thoughts on “Discussion: Books I Thought I’d Love Because Of The Hype

  1. to be very honest, i don’t read hyped books because i tend to feel uninterested when people hyping up a book. and yeah, you could say i don’t read much popular books 😬


  2. I love the idea of this post! I may have to steal it when I’m writing posts again 😂 I think Leigh Bardugo is such a hyped author and it’s really easy to just give up on her books, I personally enjoyed Shadow and Bone a lot more than Six of Crows so if you are going to carry on, I definitely recommend, great post xx


  3. I agree completely about a lot of these books, such as Caraval and the Grisha trilogy. The Grisha trilogy especially seemed to be something up my alley since I love fantasy, but Alina was such an annoying character that I just had the worst time finishing them…anyways, thanks for a lovely post 🙂


  4. I agree with you on the Grisha but from the second book. I liked the first one then it went downhill. Delirium was the same I liked the first disliked the second …


  5. I have only read Harry Potter…but to be honest the others on your list I have no interest in reading because I am sure I won’t like them. I read Harry Potter before the movies and really enjoyed them but that was over ten years ago…one of these days I would like to do a re read eventually. But there are some over hyped books that just haven’t work for me. So I trust my instincts more than hyped up books. For example most of the books that win in the Goodreads Choice Awards and not for me. Coleen Hoover is that way for me but everyone one loves her books.


  6. YOU WILL FINISH HARRY POTTER. Then again, I really read the Harry Potter books because I wanted the massive amount of AR points… but I did enjoy the story. It was mainly for the AR points in middle school though. 🤣

    I didn’t like the Grisha trilogy to be honest – I thought the first was okay, the second was meh and the third was “I don’t really care, I just want to finish this to tack off another series being read.”

    OMG I HATED DELIRIUM. Everyone loved it and talked about it so I was expecting it to be good but OMG it was boring AF with poor execution (interesting concept if I remember correctly).


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